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Thank You For Supporting DrWealth at InvestFair 2015!

We would like to thank everyone who came down to support us at InvestFair 2015 over the weekend! There was great interest in what we were doing and it's great to know that some people have already been doing ETF investing by themselves.

Top Image - All about That Change - ETFs Made Easy

Simple and Effective Automatic Investing with Index ETFs

40% of the CPFIS investors lose money and only 15.0% managed to make profits more than the CPF rate of 2.5%. The secret sauce of investing isn’t in picking individual stocks or correctly timing trades.

Featured Image - My Investment Portfolio - Calvin Yeo

Is Automated Investing Right For You?

Just as how the Internet has brought about a revamp in the travel industry and our media consumption habits, technology has breathed new life into the way we think about and manage our money, including our investments.

Featured Image - Investing Personality - Peacock or Eagle

Investing Personality: Are You a Peacock or an Eagle

Knowing your personality type can help you avoid common investing pitfalls. Are you the showy peacock or the high-flying eagle?

Featured Image - Investing Personality - Dove or Owl

Investing Personality: Are You a Dove or an Owl

Let's take a closer look at two of the four investing personality types – the peace-loving dove and the wise old owl.

Featured Image - What's Your Investing Personality

What’s Your Investing Personality?

Who you are as a person affects how you behave as an investor. Follow this series to find out how to invest smarter based on your personality type.