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4 Dividend Investors with Portfolios above $400,000 to Follow Now (2020)

Irving Soh
Irving Soh

There’s a ton of information on the web out there if you google “dividend investing”.

The hard part about all of it this: How the hell do you know who should be trusted?

The answer is to find the people who make public their:

  • track record
  • portfolio
  • returns.


So YOU can learn and profit from their experience, journey, knowledge, and ideas.  

Here are four dividend investing bloggers who can do exactly that.

Dividend Investing Hero #1 – Brian Halim

His Portfolio Size: SGD$853, 984

Total Portfolio Size $853,984
Total Dividends (2018)$42,972
Dividends per month on average for 2018$3581

Brian runs a blog at ForeverFinancialFreedom and he’s targeting retirement by age 35. A fundamentals-based investor, he believes in buying good businesses that are undervalued which provide dividends.

It is also important that companies pay out dividends to shareholders. As a business grows, it eventually leads to growing dividends, and that’s the only way shareholders can be rewarded.

Brian Halim

One of his more notable buys include ST Engineering at $2.60 in 2011 and then selling it again at $4.20 in 2013.

That’s a neat 61% gain across 2 years.

Or about 30.5% gain per year.

Clearly, whatever he’s doing is working. And he’s well on track to retire at 35. Also clearly worth following.

Dividend Investing Hero #2 – Dividend Warrior

Dividend Warrior’s profile picture on hardwarezone.
His blog can be found at DividendWarrior
His stock holdings
His yearly annual dividends received
Total Portfolio Size $426,700
Total Dividends (2018)$23,800
Annualised Dividends per month$1983.33

His blog title is literally dividend warrior. Dividend Warrior regularly blogs about dividend investing, his investing strategies, and his investing mentality.

A firm believer of using a systematic approach towards investing, Dividend Warrior has managed to accrue a substantial portfolio over 9 years of investing that has afforded him decent an income generation.

His current dividends income is nearly $2000 a month!

That constitutes entire salaries for some people and is good enough to provide a nice regular boost of cash towards his monthly expenses or even outright negate them.

He’s definitely worth a follow if you want to learn more about how he reacts to market volatility, REITs investing, as well as general investing principles and strategies.

Dividend Investing Hero #3 – LadyYouCanBeFree

LadyYouCanBeFree’s blog.

LadyYouBeFree’s Portfolio

US Stocks
Singapore Stocks

LadyYouCanBeFree started investing in the markets since 2005. Her current portfolio is split into two, one in the US and one in Singapore.

US Portfolio$1,275,890.994
SG Portfolio$397,725.476
Monthly Dividend
between Jan – July

With an average dividend income of $2,678 between January to July and a portfolio of $2,131457.196, LadyYouCanBeFree should probably be truly free of having to work.

Unlike most other bloggers, she’s clearly separated her portfolios by strategy. Her US stocks represent her growth strategy and her SG stocks represent her income strategy.

To my mind, she could easily generate a lot more dividends income if that is what she desired by simply shifting more dollars back to her income portfolio.

Such flexibility is good in the long term run and more rarely seen.

People don’t tend to separate their allocations neatly into growth vs dividend stocks enough and she presents a neat way (and is an example) of how and why such a strategy can pay off immensely well.

If you follow her blog and her stream of thoughts, you should be able to glean useful information for your own investment journey as well. Definitely, follow.

Dividends Income Hero #4 – Christopher Ng Wai Chung

(SMU Commencement 2017)

Full disclosure. Christopher Ng is Dr Wealth’s Early Retirement Masterclass trainer.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to why he’s a person you should follow.

Chris retired at 39.

His income from his dividends exceeded his expenses by the time he was 33, meaning he could actually have retired 6 years earlier.

(Dividend statements (Unleveraged) – July 2018, $11,612.89)

In terms of value adding for you as a reader, following Chris also means you get more dividend investing ideas like this on his blog:

See the value you can get?

In addition to the above, Chris actually puts his money where his mouth is.

What do I mean?

I mean that he invests in the portfolio that he taught his students to create in his class.

And he goes one step further, updating all students, past, present, future as to the performance of past portfolios.

In my book, he’s one of the best investor-bloggers you can check out.

Why I Chose Them

I chose to feature the above dividend investment bloggers to prove several points.

  • They put their money where their mouth is.
  • They display their results.
  • They have decent to excellent track records.
  • They are all dividend investors.

The finance industry nowadays is flush with people trying to make a quick buck trying to influence your actions every day.

If you want to find people worth following to increase your knowledge and profits, they should at least pass the above criteria.


Let me know below what you think. I’m always keen to hear what you have to say or recommend.

Irving Soh
Irving Soh
Behavioural Psychology fanatic. I like good food, movies, intelligent conversations and logical reasoning. I also dabble with options, factor-based investing, and data analytics.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it’s rare to find people who put themselves out there with their portfolio. Showing real examples once in a while helps investors see the end goal and inspire them to work harder towards it. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for sharing the above.
    May I know where can we see Christopher Ng’s portfolio of stocks that he hold? As the other 4 investors portfolio are posted above but not his.

    • Hi Linda! Sorry for the incredibly late reply. Chris’s portfolio is apparently quite messy. While he feels ok sharing his secured (and vetted) statement from the brokerage, he doesn’t have everything in one particular excel spreadsheet that I could include.

    • Hi Dave, my portfolio is private and not dividend based. I can only say I’ve been vested in shipping stocks since 2019 May-June and I’m still holding them now.


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