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We teach investment courses because we believe every retail investor has the right to success. To hope. To dream. You might prefer opening a business or building a career. And that's fine. But if you want to put your money to work in the stock markets, this is for you. 

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"You continue to give and give. I'm impressed by your drive to educate and help others" - Marcus


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A team passionate about spreading their knowledge in financial literacy which is critical for anyone, especially teenagers and young adults who are our future. I would recommend all to follow their FB regularly and attend course that they conduct. - Lim Guat Ling

Concepts are clear and easy to understand. The trainers are also friendly and willing to share their experiences or to clear any doubts both in and out of the classroom. Highly recommended for anyone who want to start their investing journey or someone who wants to up their investment games - Jeremy Seah

Would recommend to all investment beginners! Course is structured to be easily grasped and the trainers will walk you through each step patiently till you get it, with real life case studies. - Asyraf Hamir

Dr wealth has unpegged the concept of value investing into a very simple and digestable concept that a even person with zero accounting / financial knowledge can also fully understand . Thank you Dr wealth - Jeanette Koh

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