How low would the stock market go? Straits Times Index (STI) should hit 2,230 before rebounding

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Many investors and traders probably felt quite lost in the current market and I have been receiving a common question – how low would the stock market go?

I will be sharing my trade plans which are prepared using technical analysis or chart reading. I mainly use trendlines, price actions and trading volume to make my assessments and they have made me a fortune trading the markets as a full time trader in the past decades.

These trade plans have been painstakingly honed and refined. They require a lot of work to prepare but you need to do this before putting trades in the market, just like you don’t go to war without a plan in the first place.

Straits Times Index (STI)

On 9 Mar 2020, my trade plan told me that there’s an important uptrend line, which if broken, STI could go to 2,659 support level or 2,523 strong support level.

STI Trade Plan 9 Mar 2020

Fast forward to 13 Mar 2020, STI indeed hit 2,529 which was close to my indicated strong support level.

STI Trade Plan 13 Mar 2020

I believe that STI must hit 2,230 before we can see a reasonable rebound coming.

What about Trump stimulus policies

When the downtrend is set in motion, nothing can stop it. Not even Donald Trump. Over the last weekend, we saw Donald Trump released a set of new stimulus measures and subsequently the Fed announced zero interest rate and to kickstart Quantitative Easing 4 (QE4).

How did the market react?

The US equity index futures faced a sharp selloff during the Asian trading hours to a point there was a trading halt as the circuit breaker limit was breached.

In the last 11 years of bull run, investors and traders have been very accustomed to The Fed and Donald Trump supporting the market at every dip. But this time it is different, no matter what they did, the market is no longer responding. That is a dangerous sign.

Dow Jones Industrial (DJI)

On 9 Mar 2020, my trade plan told me that a break below 24,680 would trigger a downward acceleration towards 23,930 and even 21,591.

DJI Trade Plan 9 Mar 2020

On 16 Mar 2020, the trade plan had worked very well as DJI hit 21,591 and staged a strong rebound.

DJI Trade Plan 16 Mar 2020

I believe DJI would go on to test 17,475. This may be quite unbelievable for you but we shall see.

S&P 500

For the last 11 years of bull run, the S&P 500 uptrend line has not been broken until now, with S&P 500 closing at 2,529 at the time of writing.

You can see the trade plan in the image below and the corresponding support levels for the S&P 500 as the prices fall.

I believe S&P 500 could reach the low of 2,330 by end of this week. The worst case would be 1,454.

The Worst Has Yet To Come

There are only 2 occasions the Wall Street was closed for trading. The first came in October 1997, where the circuit-breakers introduced after the Black Monday crash were triggered for the first time, as traders belatedly tried to come to terms with the Asian financial Crisis.

The second time was after the 9/11 attacks of 2001, when the damage from the collapse of the twin towers made it impossible for the nearby stock exchange to function. Trading was aborted on Tuesday, Sept. 11, and didn’t resume until the following Monday. This was a remarkably calm and orderly response.

I believe we could see circuit breaker hitting 13 pct and 20 pct triggering a trading halt for the 3rd time in history.

Investors have always relied on The Fed and Donald Trump to come to the rescue when the market tanked . They are doing damage control now and whatever they throw at the market in the last 1 week didn’t seem to work , in fact, it was counterproductive. This is an ominous sign of a big meltdown that is coming.

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  1. You are correct!!! STI hit multiple year low of 2303 on 23 Mar 2020 before making a strong technical renounce. This is just slightly above the support level of 2230 mentioned in your article. Should have read your article earlier and I would be laughing all the way to the bank 🤩.

  2. Hi, I missed the chance to enter the market on monday. Now the stocks have bound back quite a lot. I am deliberating if I should enter next week or should I hold on… the next drop is coming. Would be grateful if you can share your view.


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