Dr Wealth provides trusted financial education to individuals. We teach researched and actionable investment methods so that our graduates are successful in their investment journey and achieve market-beating returns.

What Dr Wealth Believes In

Investing is a skill set that gives returns for life.
Investing is one of the most worthwhile skill set to have because you can continue to reap returns indefinitely, regardless of your age. The younger you start, the better. Yesterday is gone, but today you can make a choice to pick up this skill. But, don't wait until tomorrow.

You come first, not sales targets.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore conducted a mystery shopping in 2011 and found that 30% of the products were clearly unsuitable. It is likely that one of every three policies you have purchased from your financial advisor is unsuitable for your situation. This is a result of having (some) advisors who prioritise sales target over the needs of their clients. We are fellow clients, so we understand. We will seek out what really works best for you because we do unto you as we want done unto us.

You don't need 'professional' or 'academic' training to be good in investing.
Your investments will do well by following well-grounded, results-oriented principles. In fact, you have some advantages that a professional wouldn't have. You'd only need to understand what these advantages are to exploit them. You are investing your money, not passing exams to get a job in finance. There is a big difference.

You don't need hype.
There isn't a lack of events which make audacious claims to make you a multi-millionaire. Hype and pressure selling are common techniques employed in such events. We don't use hype. We believe investor education can be, and should be, practical and truthful.

The Lotus Story

The lotus is related to Buddhism. No, we are not advocating any religion here. 

But the lotus story is a great analogy to why our company exists.

The lotus sprouts in ponds. But do not be mistaken by the calm and still appearances the ponds present to us.

Beneath the surface lies murky waters and muddy beds. The lotus seed is nested within a harsh environment, fighting for its survival.

Just like the investment world, an individual investor starts off with many disadvantages. We were not biologically designed to invest, since we are sabotaged by our own biases. We were not equipped with financial literacy in schools and our parents might not have been the best examples on how to manage money well.

The environment is infested with investment scammers and misaligned financial sales people. The best approach is to be skeptical. The lotus 'thinks' what is best for herself.

When we first wanted to conduct investment courses, we didn't know how to put it across to our family and friends. This is because it is a tainted industry with negative perceptions about it being giving get rich quick promises. If you are so good, why teach? We believe we were the lotus and we could strive in a muddy environment.

Despite its tough conditions, the lotus is driven by the desire to do better in life. She continues to fight for her life and sees the glimmer of light that occasionally shines through the murky water. That's where she wants to go.

She develops herself and grows taller, her stem longer. The journey wasn't smooth sailing as there were obstacles and attacks to avoid. At times she might be injured but she picks herself up and continues to grow.

We are encouraged by a better life in the future. Some defined it as 'financial freedom', others may desire 'financial security'. Whatever it is, there is a goal that propels us forward.

We want to take charge of our financial decisions and learn how to from others or through books. However, it is common to encounter more sales pitches than practical knowledge that betters our financial outcome.

It is difficult to tell the good guys from the bad and we may fall prey to empty promises, once in a while.

Moreover, it wouldn't be easy to get good results investing our money because it is highly competitive, and it is impossible to avoid losses. We might even lose a lot of money if we made a wrong decision on a leveraged position. But most importantly, we must have the tenacity to pull through and learn from our mistakes.

Our graduates have grown over the years to over 3,000 to date. We know we can do better because we strongly believe that our investment approaches are closer to the truth than what others in the murky waters offer. We must work hard to promote the effective and systematic way of investing. 

At times, we receive encouragements and good results from our graduates. They agreed that we were different from the others and we genuinely cared about telling the truth about what works in investing, even though it would be hard to accept. They gain confidence in investing because they know they are well-equipped with objective and systematic investing strategies, which they can apply with ease.

Inch by inch, the lotus slowly reaches the surface of the water and catches her first glimpse of the light and a breath of fresh air. She eventually blossomed into the lotus flower under the good environment. Although she came through the mud and murky water, her petals did not have a tinge of contamination. It was pure and beautiful.

At the final stage, we become competent investors ourselves and able to mind our money well. We no longer require validations or confirmations from others regarding our financial decisions. In fact, we have seen it all. We understand how it works.

We want our company to blossom. We want to be the lotus in the financial education industry. We do not want to be associated with the get rich quick people. We only want to inculcate the real investment strategies that work for keen investors. We want to be remembered for being the most trusted financial educator,

Dr Wealth's Team

Alvin Chow, CEO

Sin Yee

Head of Admin






Head of Platform Development 

SP Dhanushka

Full Stack Engineer

Ho Khinwai

Equity Investment Analyst


Alvin Chow, CEO

Trainer for the Intelligent Investing Immersive

Louis Koay

Trainer for the Intelligent Investing Immersive

Robin Ho

Trainer for the 8 Figure Trading Blueprint Masterclass. 

Christopher Ng Wai Chung

Trainer for the Early Retirement Masterclass. Retired at 39. Gained financial independence at 33. 

Chris Long

Trainer for the Cryptocurrency Masterclass. Founder of CryptoKnight.SG.


Trainer for the SaaS Hypergrowth Investing Course