Write For Us

Yes, Write For Us!

We are looking for investment enthusiasts to write for our blog. Over the years we have built up our readership base to one of the largest Singapore investment blog with 155,000 monthly visitors (similarweb), 14,000+ Email subscribers and over 8,500 Facebook fans. If you are someone who has passion on investing and love sharing your investment ideas to our readers, we welcome you to share your stories to our readers. 

What We Are Looking For

We value your content as much as ours so the following is what we believe would produce the greatest exposure for your effort.

  • The article must be 100% original. Once posted on our blog the article belongs to Dr Wealth and it not should be reused or posted elsewhere.
  • Words: 1,000
  • Topics: We generally prefer stock case study, market analysis & opinion, personal investing experience, success stories or any topics in relation to investment & trading. Your investment methodology does not have to agree with us as we value diversity of opinions. Feel free to check with us if you have better topics in mind.
  • Tone & style: conversational, light, fun and easy to read. Be personable: use “I” and “you,” frequently, and avoid “we.”
  • Headline & subheadline: as your article will be shared to our Email subscribers and Facebook followers, we suggest the headlines be enticing and benefit-driven for best performance. Examples (you need not have to follow):
  • check
    What is xxx? X Things You Need To Know
  • check
    Why you should never...
  • check
    How To xxx
  • check
    Pros & Cons
  • check
    X reasons you need to know
  • check
    This vs That
  • check
    Stock Name: {above title}
  • check
    See our case studies and opinion pieces like this and this.
  • Formatted content (important):
  • check
    Avoid wall of text, try to limit to 3 lines per sentence. 
  • check
    You should create multiple sections and sub-sections (if relevant) with compelling headlines suggested above.
  • check
    *Use the followings whenever possible to increase readability: Bulleted list, numbered list, expert quotes, structured facts, charts, tables, embed video and images. For more info read this.
  • check
    Link out to relevant sources to backup your content; at least 2x outbound links to third party sites i.e stock official site, data source.

We reserve the right to edit the article for better performance and may reject it if we deem it as inappropriate for our readers or do not meet our editorial standard.

What's In It For Me?

  • Your article will be posted on our blog and shared with our 14,000+ Email subscribers and over 8,500 Facebook followers. We may boost (paid FB ads) the articles at our own cost if the content performs well for greater exposure.

  • Our designer will create Facebook featured image tailored to your article, which will increase the shareability and engagement of your content.

  • 2x outbound links: you are free to add 2 links pointing to your articles. However, it should be relevant and value add to the readers.

  • Author bio & image: Indicate your author bio at the bottom of the article with around 50 words. You can include 1 link back to your blog. Please also send us your author image. Example: