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MASSIVE Capital Appreciation

4-day Immersive Training Programme.
Comprehensive, Intelligent Toolkits.
Lifetime Support.
Dedicated Community with Expanded Stock Ideas.
Taught by 7-figure Investors.

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Proven Investment Results

An Intelligent, Precise & Methodological Approach to Gaining MASSIVE Capital Appreciation

Intelligent Investors Immersive is taught on the foundation of Factors Based Investing, an approach first pioneered in 1992, used by funds like Black Rock and Invesco. Black Rock is one of the world's largest asset managers with $6.84 trillion dollars in assets. Invesco manages US$ 1,197.8 billion of assets around the globe, serving clients in more than 150 countries (as of June 30, 2019). Do we really need to say more?

Deep Value Investing
To hunt stocks that can deliver truly worthy capital gains, you need the right approach. We'll teach you how to apply Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV) strategy to screen, evaluate and profit from undervalued stocks. Learn to interpret financial statements, avoid value traps and determine reward-to-risks ratio.

Growth Investing
Deep value is but half of the strategy. Growth is the other. Together, they deliver greater returns and lower risk. You'll learn how to find the fastest-growing stocks in the markets with the Gross Profitability Ratio (GPAD) strategy reliably and safely, with full confidence using advanced filters and qualitative checklists. 

Portfolio Accelerator
Theory is useless without application. After you master the strategies, we'll mentor you to create a tailored investment portfolio based on your financial circumstances. Investing isn't one-size-fits-all. Everyone is different. Risks appetite. Capital. Time Horizon. That's why we craft something unique just for you.  

Lifetime Support

Class is over. But the learning isn't. Once you join us, we support you for life. Investing is a lifestyle for us. We live it. Breathe it. Eat it. Every day. That means we are uniquely positioned to give you unending support and advice - at no extra cost to you.

Expect To Learn:

Know What Stocks to Buy. 
Down to the Last Cent.

Ever feel confused about what stocks to buy? Ever felt unsure when family and friends give you their stock recommendations?

  • The Factor Investing Framework helps you confidently screen, evaluate and profit from winning stocks - so you don't have to rely on anyone for stock tips
  • You'll learn our proprietary value investing strategy to find 100% returns on deeply undervalued stocks. 
  • Learn our proprietary growth investing strategy to spot 100% - 300% on high-powered growth stocks. 
The programme gives you the confidence and clarity to build a profitable stock portfolio that earns 13% - 15% average annualized returns over the long term. Accelerating your path to financial independence.

Avoid Deceptively Attractive & Dangerous Stocks

Investing isn't meant to be risky and stressful. If we wanted that, we would have worked full-time as a bomb disposal specialist.

We believe you are able to achieve 13% - 15% without taking unnecessary risks.You can invest and grow your wealth safely and steadily by applying the right filters and following a proper checklist. 

Learn to avoid ‘deceptive blue chips’ like SPH, Hyflux, and Noble Group before other investors. Never let investing mistakes destroy your capital.

Automate Your Stock Picks

You have a job, kids, family to look after. Investing is not what you do for a living, but a need to beat inflation and to go further in life.

It's pointless if you have the strategy and knowledge, yet lack the time to take the needed actions. 

We built proprietary intelligent screeners to help you find winning value and growth stocks - all in 15 minutes or less.

If that's not enough, we even reveal our Dr Wealth live portfolio as well as pre-determined stocks list.

Seah Ying Cong

Founder, Glints

Before I was overwhelmed with many different options & I couldn't take any action at all. Now I can actually see the path ahead.

Get Mentorship From 7-Figure Investors For Life.

This is not a fly-by-night course. We want you to succeed in stocks investing. Right after you complete the programme, we will continue to mentor and support you - until you achieve your financial goals. 

  • Gain private access to our private online discussion group for live updates.
  • Get frequent stock case studies and market & portfolio updates
  • Bi-Monthly Mentorship Sessions - You can network with fellow investors and instructors for high-quality stocks discussion and supports.

Discover How Stocks Investing Can Help You Lead The Life You Truly Desire - Whether That's Sending Your Kid To School Or Travelling the World Before You're 60.

Join the free intro-course for a live demonstration, Q&A session, and real-life case studies walkthrough

*For Serious Investors Only: Limited Seats Available.

I've attended many investment workshops & read many books & blogs relating to stock investing. Intelligent Investors Immersive is the only course that taught me the practical skills to invest with confidence. I eagerly recommend it to friends & family who wish to learn. I would do the same for you.

Jason Lim


Our Credibility

Dr Wealth helps retail investors make better investment decisions by empowering them with confidence, hands-on skills and intelligent toolkits. 

Our head instructor, Alvin Chow has 12 years of investment experience and has taught over 4,100 retail investors.

We've written the most popular guide on Factor Investing, our investment results are published into Public Case Studies, and we give talks on SGX.

What Our Students Say After Attending Our Programme

"Gained a lot of insights even without any financial background. It's very easy to understand & the method and formulas."

- William, UX Designer
"It's mind-blowing, it's new ideas for me. It's totally out of the norm!"

- Tess, Hedge Fund Accountant
"Gained a lot of insights even without any financial background. It's very easy to understand & the method and formulas."

- Zeth, Working Professional
"There's so much information out there & if you don't have anyone to talk to and if you just read books you can tend to be pretty confused about what strategies to follow and whether each one of them might work for you."

- Ying Cong, Founder of Glints

You Will Be Learning From:

Join the free intro-course for a live demonstration, Q & A session, and real-life case studies walkthrough

Alvin Chow

Investor & CEO

Creator & head instructor of Factor-Based Investing Course.

Dr. Wealth's CEO & Founder.

Alvin has over 12 years of investment experience.

Deep value investor. Quant at heart.

Believes the financial industry can treat their customers better. Wants to change the world.

Louis Koay

Investor, CFA & Mensa

Award-Winning financial advisory (FA) trading representative (TR) from a leading financial firm e.g. top combined overall FATR production in the entire firm.

Over the past 4 years, Louis Koay has trained more than 5,000 students in Financial Education, & managed thousands of clients' trading accounts with his team.

He is currently looking after 10+ millions in assets under advisory.

But How Is This Material Unique?



Intelligent Toolkit

Lifetime Mentorship

Let's be honest here. You can choose to self-learn without a doubt. But the cost will be thousands of hours of study, and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. Plus, we go beyond what you can get from YouTube videos, blogs, online forums, books or even your personal experience. 

That's what time in the market, experience and lots of pain taught us - a way that works. Isaac Newton once said that if he has seen further, it was by standing on the shoulders of giants. Stand on our shoulders. Don't start at ground zero. Start at the top of the mountain.

You can expect hands-on valuation, interpreting financial statements, customized portfolio building, real-world case studies, and frequent feedback. No unnecessary theory or "good-to-know" information".

You'll also gain access to stock screeners, fundamental data, Dr Wealth's live portfolio, watchlist, and a private Facebook group full of investors just as dedicated as you - and mentorship - For Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intelligent Investors Immersive (I3) the same as Factor-Based Investing Mastery Course (FBIC)?

The investment strategy i.e Factor Based Investing we teach in this programme is exactly the same. But this programme goes far beyond the 2-day strategy course on FBIC. We provide you screeners, stocks data, private watchlist, live Dr Wealth’s portfolio as well as lifetime mentorship. Where we hold bi-monthly mentoring sessions to keep your progress in check and continually support you until you achieve investment successes. 

You’ll also gain 2 additional sessions on onboarding and Portfolio Accelerator programme where we guide you through and build a tailored investment portfolio that fits your financial circumstances. 

Is this programme suitable for investors who are totally new and without any finance background? 

Absolutely. Intelligent Investors Immersive Programme comes with an onboarding programme to help new investors to kickstart their investing journey. We’ll hands hold you to set up your brokerage account, CDP account and walk you through all the nitty gritty of buying stocks i.e stop order, limit order and market order.  

I want to purchase the programme directly without attending intro-course. Who can I contact? 

Sure, please drop us an email at with subject line: Intelligent Investors Immersive Programme interest. We may ask you a few questions to ensure you are a good fit for the programme.


If you'd like to reach out to us you may email us at We have Facebook Chat too if you have any urgent enquiries!

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Join the free online Webinar for a live demonstration, Q & A session, and real-life case studies walkthrough