Case Studies

Case Stud​​​​ies

[Case Study] 105% Gain On A Smartphone Camera Module Manufacturer – Cowell (SEHK:1415)
It was 9 Feb 2019 and Cowell (SEHK:1415) was one of the stocks I presented during our Graduates' Gathering. I[...]
[Case Study] Playmates Holdings (HKEX:0635) – Ninja Turtles Toys and Apple Flagship Store Sold for 36% Gain and it is Undervalued Again
There are two stocks by the name of Playmates listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Playmates Toys (HKEX:0869)[...]
[Case Study] AV Concept – Our first loss of 21% from a Voluntary Offer
AV Concept was a deep value stock (super cheap, priced way below the book value of the company) when we[...]
[Case Study] China Medical System attacked by short seller reduced our gains to 34%
China Medical System (HKEX:0867) or CMS in short, is a major medical distributor in China. We first spotted this stock[...]
[Case Study] Lessons You Should Learn from Our Bright Packaging Investment: 28% Loss, 84% Profits
Value strategies can be applied anywhere and although Singaporeans like to shop in Malaysia, it isn't a popular foreign stock[...]
[Case Study] My embarrassing investment in Sing Tao: 31% Gains
I would like to share with you an embarrassing moment in my recent stock investing experience. It was regarding a[...]
Undervalued Company with 18.2% Yields
Editor's Notes: We previously covered how we were able to net a 153% gain on Oriental Watch Holdings here. It[...]
Is Jollibee Overrated?
For a long time now, U.S. fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Wendy’s have had a commanding presence all over[...]
[Case Study] Undervalued Company Delivers 35% Gains After Delisting
As at the time of writing, the delisting offer is still undergoing. The purpose of this writing is not meant[...]
Is Haidilao International (HKEX:6862) Still a Tantalizing Stock?
Within the past few years, Hai Di Lao’s meteoric rise has made it the “Starbucks” of Coffee or the “Breadtalk”[...]
Is Genting Singapore (SGX:G13) a smart bet? Here’s Our Analysis
Contrary to the title, we believe that investing should never be taken as a gamble and decisions should be based[...]
[Case Study] How We Made A 44% Gain on An Undervalued Hong Kong Conglomerate
We didn’t blindly “hope” that our investment in this Hong Kong stock would return 44%. In fact, using our Conservative[...]
CapitaLand Mall Trust vs Frasers Centrepoint Trust – Which REIT Gives A Better Deal?
“Why go to a shopping mall when you can shop online, right?” Analysts and market commentators in Singapore and around[...]
[Case Study] How Our Graduate Made 250%+ Gains On A Steel Stock [And Our Exact Process]
Editor Notes: Factor Investing is an evidence-based approach that aims to achieve 100% gain per stock - with annualised portfolio[...]
[Case Study] How We Made 48% Returns On Hisense Home Appliances [And Our Growth Strategy Explained]
Frequent readers of our blog will know that this is our second article in the past week covering a stock[...]
[Case Study] How I Made 153% Gain on Watch Company [And My Exact Thought Process On Finding Undervalued Stocks]
Today, I will show you how I made 153% gains (both capital and dividends) on a severely undervalued watch company[...]
Jumbo vs ABR vs RE&S: Which Resturant Stocks Is The Most Appealing
I used to be a foodie jumping from cafe to cafe – known as cafe-hopping – when I was young.[...]
Baidu vs Alibaba vs Tencent (BAT) – Which One Would Be The Best Stock To Own?
The United States has been the driving force behind global innovation for a long time. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google,[...]
[Case Study] How We Made 73% off the PEC Ltd Stock
It was 13 Jul 2015. Oil price tanked from US$115 to US$57 over a year. That's a good 50% drop![...]