The Traders’ Blueprint:

Winning Strategies for Profiting from Stocks, Forex, Commodities and Options.

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Let’s face it trading is never easy and finding the right resources to learn is equal if not more challenging.

With so many things that has been written and said on blogs, YouTube and forums, it is even easier than ever before to get lost in the sea of information.

Worst still you don't even know who can be trusted. 

Contrary to popular belief, trading is NOT a get rich quick scheme. And you won’t turn millionaire overnight and live a life like the Wolf of Wall Street the moment you begin.

Instead, you need so much more than what is presented on the surface -- that may sound a little disappointing at first. However, what I can promise you is that once you have the right knowledge, right mindsets and right trading strategies -- the reward will be highly rewarding. 

If you are in for this and willing to invest not only your money but also time and effort as well, then we have the book just for you!

So what is there to believe?

Well, with “The Traders’ Blueprint”, you’ve got four seasoned traders—Collin Seow, Marc Liu, Rayner Teo, and Alex Yeo—who combined their expertise to show you their proven trading strategies and techniques to profit from stocks, options, Forex trading, and more.

Coupled with their 40 years of experience combined, the insights found in this book will help you find your edge and become a consistent profitable trader.

Very candid and no holds barred, The Traders’ Blueprint will show you how to turn that fear of the market into confidence!

This is not your ordinary trading book. It combines theory with experience to provide you proven strategies and techniques that actually work in the real world.

It is a very exciting time indeed to trade the markets and it will be a shame if you let those doubts and misinformation keep you from generating returns on your money.

Many traders have sought for this book!

Why is that?

What can “The Traders’ Blueprint” offer that sets it apart from the rest?

It all boils down to three things:

  • Actual traders who have been trading with 40 years worth of experiences combined write it. This proves that what is written are really stuff that works and have been tested thoroughly.
  • It provides insights into different trading strategies that work in different markets such as Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Options, allowing the readers to explore and get to know more the world of trading.
  • It contains zero fluff with only actionable content. The authors were only given 50+ pages to pen down their thoughts. So you’ll definitely be directed straight to the point.

Sounds great?

Then see below for a glimpse of what you’ll find in The Traders’ Blueprint.

In this book, you’ll Discover:

  • Ways to safely trade options in order to generate a consistent income (with insights on the same way insurance companies conduct their business)
  • How to profit from your trade even if it goes against you
  • Strategies and indicators when trading stocks and options
  • A proven trading methodology used by hedge funds and market wizards over the last 200 years
  • How to find your niche or edge in the markets and how to focus on it
  • Ways to quickly find the best stocks to trade
  • How to ride your winners and let go of your losses
  • How to manage massive trends in the market to grow your wealth steadily
  • Risk management techniques (some little-known) to curb and even profit from your losses
  • Propriety trading set-ups you can use to profit in the stock, options, and Forex markets
  • Views about the different markets and where, when, and how best to trade
  • Tips, advice and insights about handling your trading life
FREE Singapore delivery (No international shipping)

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  • A live trading workshop that will teach you the ropes of the TradersGPS algorithm—a Personal Trading Navigational System that shows you everything you need to learn about trading in the stock markets—valued at $197.
  • Practical trading examples using the STFS system to help you identify money-making setups, which is valued at $97.
  • A step-by-step video walk-through on how to sell options for consistent income ($97 Value).

You definitely have a bargain with this book!

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About the Authors:

Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) who holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. He is a member of MENSA Singapore and has been awarded for many consecutive years the Top 10 Achievers in PhillipCFD.

With his vast experience in trading, Collin has been a frequent speaker at a number of prestigious conferences like Shares Investment Conference, Phillip IFest, and Investor Wealth Summit to name a few. He is also a trainer at CyberQuote, providing financial professionals with various trading and investment knowledge—from his journeys to strategies.

Collin is well-known in the trading industry as the inventor of the stock trading algorithm/software called the “TradersGPS”. He is a former Top-Tier Remisier in Phillip Securities.

Before “The Traders’ Blueprint”, Collin has authored his own book titled “The Systematic Trader”. His story was also featured in the Strait Times national bestseller, “Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders”.

He currently runs his blog,

Marc Liu is an ex-professional gamer who competed as part of Team Singapore and a former head equity dealer at Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. Now, he is a trader, investor, and educator working as a business partner to Collin Seow.

He is also a sought after speaker for various private equity firms, providing valuable insights and experience to a number of people interested in trading the markets. Furthermore, he is a contributing columnist and contributor at

Rayner Teo is an ex-propriety trader who left to become an independent trader. He is now the founder of the popular educational trading website, Apart from that, he has been featured and/or quoted in many sites like Yahoo, Forex Factory, FX Street, and Finance Magnates.

Being the most followed trader in Singapore, his blog generates more than 41,000 readers each month. Aside from that, he has about 22,000 followers on Youtube and a Facebook community consisting of about 15,000 users.

Rayner is a very influential trader who provides knowledge to help and empower retail traders. 

Alex Yeo is the co-founder and COO of DrWealth, a financial education company that provides premium investment courses to retail individuals. He contributes articles as well as conducts courses.

He is a self-directed options trader—an independent trader trading his own personal account—with a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accreditation by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

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