Factor-Based Investing: Singapore Value & Dividend Investing Course (budgetbabe)

How to Build a 6 Figure Investment Porfolio, Earn Regular Dividend Income and Discover 100%+ Gain Opportunities — Even If  You're Completely NEW to Investing.

Our Premium INVESTING STRATEGY For Investors, By Investors 

Hi, I'm Alvin Chow, CEO of Dr Wealth.

I'm the founder of Singapore's 1st ever factor based stock investing strategy that built me high 6-figure investment portfolio.

I also am the founder of Dr Wealth's factor based investment course with thousands of successful students.

My work has also been featured on Singapore Exchange, Channel New Asia, Strait Times and DBS Bank.

Hundreds of Students Alvin Chow

Can Factor Based Investing Help You with Retirement, Passive Income or Expensive Medical Bills?

  • Do you worry about retrenchment, pay cut and spending your old age clearing trays at Food Courts?
  • Are you interested in generating dividends income month after month to pay for your children's university school fees, home mortgage payment or even fulfil your dream or ageing parents' dream of travelling around the world?
  • Do you worry one day in an unfortunate event you will overburden your children' finances should you fall sick as -- slowly and painfully -- your Medisave get wiped out by expensive medical bills?

If you're like me, you have the same worries.

This is why I started my investing journey in 2007.

When I first started, I thought making money in the stock money was easy. The first instrument I traded was structured warrants. Back then I was an undergraduate studying at University. Every day I'd wake up at 8 AM just to watch the market open at 9 AM in my dorm room.

I knew very little about trading. I had no strategies, no systems and no proper guidance. Needless to say on my first month, I lost 50% of my money invested in the stock market.

However, I didn't give up and began to TRADE everything I could possible get my hands on. From CFDs to Forex, to Stocks and then Options. I also bought many courses and books that cost me more than $10,000.

Soon I began making money in options trading. Month after month, I was making $1,000 to $3,000 on top of my regular job.

Can you imagine what that extra income did for me? 

  • Instead of slogging out extra hours at the office like my colleagues, I had the extra cash to spend on my family and friends 
  • Instead of working like a mad man for OT pay, I could balance out my life. Spend time on my health, family and friends. I'll don't have to be out of shape, sleep deprived, or single till my 30s in order just to make ends meet.

However, just as I thought I had figure it all out, I got a big slap by the market: I got margin called and lost $105,000 on a single trade selling Natural Gas options in 2014! 

That's when I realized that short-term trading and leverage are extremely risky. I could be forced by the broker to sell my portfolio at the worst possible price even though it doesn't make sense. 

I could lose all my whole account overnight.

So I began researching a strategy that are long-term, non-leverage and proven to create profitable and consistent investment results.

That was I chanced upon Factor Based Investing.

It is the only strategy that combines:

  • Value investing
  • Quality investing
  • Momentum investing. 

Factor Based Investing is backed by science, empirical evidence and back-testing. Something 98% of other investment strategies couldn't do.

Soon enough, I recovered my losses and built a 6-figure portfolio. 


Dr Wealth's Real Time Factor Based Investing Strategy Portfolio

Real Time Portfolio

Slowly, but surely, close friends and relatives started to trust me with their money and asked for my financial advice.

I started speaking at places at SGX, DBS, Maybank and got featured in multiple media platforms such as the Strait Times

That was when the Factor Based Investment Course was born. 

Through 10 years researching, testing and creating a scientifically tested strategy that not only helped but also helped me manage a 6 figure investment portfolio account, but also a 7 figure education company with hundreds of successful students.

Strait Times Feature Alvin Chow

Speaking at SGX

 Results Based Approached Versus Empty Promises 

In the Singapore investment education industry... there's a lot of noise... there's a lot of hype. 

There are many trainers out there that PROMISE you that you'll get rich overnight. 

Here at Dr Wealth, I use the exact factor based investment strategy I teach to hundreds of students to build our real time 6 figure portfolio.

This means, the factor based investment strategy is tested on real trades with real cash.

Let me ask you, would you rather listen to:

  • Someone who has real investment trades to back it up OR 'financial experts' that promise you'll get rich in the stock market overnight
  • Someone who built and currently manages a high 6 figure portfolio OR 'gurus' that never built anything 

Real Trades, Live Students Support

Yes, I made a $5000 gain in 2 weeks. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank DWI team for the course conducted. 

- Chong

Over the years I have taught these strategies to hundreds of successful students making sure that it didn't just worked for me but also worked for them.

Hundreds of students have used Factor based investing to build profitable stock portfolios, earn regular dividend income and spot potentially 100%+ gain opportunities. 

They accomplished in months what took me years and cost me hundred of thousands of dollar in trial and error.

Here are what our Factor Based Investing Graduates say about us:

"I gained a lot of insights even without any financial background. It's very easy to understand and the method and formulas."
— William

"It's mind-blowing, it's new ideas for me. It's totally out of the norm!" a
— Tess, Fund Accountant

"The strategies are very clear, they're very simple, and very easy to apply."
— Zeth

This Course Isn't For Everyone

I'm only limiting the FREE introductory class to 50 motivated individuals. That's because the program isn't for everyone.

This course is for you if:

  • You're willing to put in some form of effort in learning our result driven factor based investing strategy to get profitable investment strategies that hundreds of our students have achieved. 
  • If you're open minded, motivated to kick start or advance your investment journey

This course is not for you if: 

  • You're looking for a get quick rich overnight program (that's impossible anyway) 
  • You're not willing to put in ANY effort in learning our investment strategy

Singapore's 1st Factor Based Investing Introductory Course

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"You continue to give and give. I'm impressed by your drive to educate and help others."
— Marcus

'No thrills, no rah-rah, just straight talk info that's relevant. Thanks again..'
— CW Wong