Secrets Of Singapore Trading Gurus

Hard Truths About Making Money in Stocks, Forex, Futures and Options Trading.

Alvin Chow from BigFatPurse interviewed (and grilled) 8 of Singapore's top trading gurus and dug out their secrets to trading. 

And laid out everything he discovered in this book, and now you too can learn from their experiences...

You’ll Discover:

  • How these Top Traders started and how they developed their successful trading systems
  • The Markets and Instruments they use to trade in and with
  • Where these Top Traders find their Profitable Trading Ideas
  • The Top Secret of these Top Traders' Trading Success
  • How Top Traders Manage Risks and Losses
  • The Best and Worse Trades of each Top Trader, and the lessons you can apply
  • In this book, we can learn from various established Traders in Singapore, leveraging on their knowledge and experience in trading. It's certainly a book worth buying and keeping.”

    Dennis Ng
  • Alvin asks great questions and The Secrets to Singapore Trading Gurus is a fascinating look into the minds of great traders.”

    Tim Bourquin
  • Fantastic compilation of top trading gurus in Singapore. This book is certainly a well-researched traders' guide which provides comprehensive guide into the world of stocks, forex, futures, and option trading! "

    Jonathan Quek

    Founder of True North Asia and
    Author of Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?

Alvin Chow
Managing Director of BigFatPurse

About the Author

The Founder of And Author of The Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus  as well as The Singapore Permanent Portfolio

Starting BigFatPurse as an investment journal, Alvin has consistently provided a unique trading and investment perspective for the retail investors. 

He was interviewed on ChannelNewsAsia for his perspective on trading. He practises value investing and trades options.

Alvin is also a trainer at BigFatPurse today.

His training journey began at MasterYourFinance as an Investing Mentor and subsequently became the Investment Coach at Wealth Directions.

He speaks regularly in local seminars educating the public about passive investing and Permanent Portfolio.