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An Interview with Patrick Lee – Bonus Content from the Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus

An Interview with Patrick Lee, full time trader at the Singapore Monetary Exchange (SIMEX).

In this video, Alvin finds out the following from Patrick Lee:

00:13 – Who is Patrick Lee and how did he get into trading
01:52 – Recovering after a huge loss
05:22 – Patrick’s trading journey and algorithm trading
09:54 – Futures vs Equity – which is easier?
12:20 – Patrick’s best and worst trades
15:33 – How often should you evaluate your trading performance
16:51 – Patrick’s successful trading style
21:15 – Patrick’s definition of a high probability trade
22:50 – A successful trader’s psychology
23:37 – Deciding on the right risk appetite
24:26 – What other assets Nicholas is vested in
25:02 – How much should a new trader need to get started?
26:53 – Perks of being a full time trader
28:18 – What Patrick wished he knew before he started trading full time
29:14 – 2 top qualities of a successful trader
31:04 – Advise to new aspiring future trades

For the full transcript and other tidbits not found in the video, do click here to grab a copy of the Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus.

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