Invest in Properties for a Stable Income, with Lower Capital Outlay

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a popular investment tool of retail investors as they provide consistent dividends and allow retail investors to invest in properties with lesser capital. Learn how you can determine if a REIT is a good investment.

Not all REITs are good investments, learn how to identify the good ones.

Understand how REITs work and how you can maximise them.

Overview of Singapore REITs from different sectors

Learn how to value REITs – 3 different methods you can use

How to determine the quality of a REIT

What You’ll Learn

The REITs Investing Mastery Course is a 1 day course where you will given a blueprint to picking profitable REITs to invest for income and profits.

Everything You’d Need to Know About REITs
A summary of how REITs work and how you can maximise them in your investing.
Overview of REITs by Sectors
Gain an understanding of REITs in 5 different sectors. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each sector and how you can invest in different sectors to diversify your portfolio for increased safety and returns.
Market Outlook
Get a summary of how the current REITs market is doing and which sectors you should look out for.
REITs Evaluation Methods
Learn not 1, but 3 different methods to evaluating REITs.
REITs Investment Criteria
Receive a checklist with 10 criteria to analyse the quality of any REIT.
Case Study
Understand how we evaluate REITs through case study that will be shared in the course.

Your Trainer

Mr Ong Kang Lin, CFA, MBA
CEO, Fund Manager and Adjunct Finance Lecturer.

Mr Ong is currently the CEO and fund manager of a multi-asset fund management company based in Singapore.

He has extensive corporate experience in global financial institutions. Over the course of his career, he has led over $1 billion worth of real estate related investment banking (IPOs of REITs), capital markets (rights issues and private placements) and acquisition transactions.

Mr Ong is an avid financial educator who takes a personal interest in sharing his knowledge with others.

Good guidelines to evaluate REITs for investment

– Mr Goh, Batch 2

Trainer has explained the concepts in a simplified manner. Easy to understand!

– Mr Quek, Batch 2

“Honest education compared to other financial education providers”

– RIMC Attendee, Batch 5

“Break the facade of 90% distribution yield with a good look at all the different REITs sectors.”

– Martin, Batch 5


S$98 sounds like a good deal, is it a sales pitch?

The REITs Investing Mastery Course is not a sales pitch nor a preview. It is a content packed course that aims to cover everything you will need to know about REITs to invest efficiently. Mr Ong shares his vast experience with all participant, provides 3 different methods to evaluate REITs as well as a checklist to help investors ease their REITs analysis process.

Do REITs pay high dividends?

It really depends on the individual REIT. REITs are required to pay out 90% of their net income after taxes, making them very attractive to investors who want to build a regular income from dividends. However, the dividends investors receive will be based on the performance of the REIT. We teach you how to identify REITs that tend to do well.

Is this course suitable for beginners or intermediate investors?

This course provides students with a complete understanding and mastery of REITs investing.

The course syllabus have been specially crafted to ensure that it is informative and well-balanced. It is suitable for any level of investing experience.

How is this course useful to a retail investor?

Retail investors will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of REITs and equip themselves with an easily applicable REITs analysis strategy.

What's the difference between this REITs course and your Dividend course?

In this REITs Investing Mastery Course (RIMC), you will learn everything you need to know about REITs – from its structure, to its benefits and how you can analyse REITs. As REITs have their unique structure and points of considerations, the RIMC focuses solely on REITs. The Dividend Investing Mastery Course will focus on analysing and picking value stocks that have a strong dividend paying history.

I cannot attend the next REITs Investing Mastery Course. When will the subsequent courses be?

You can check the future course dates with May ( It is recommended that you make payment to reserve a seat and indicate the date you would like to attend.


We promise to impart real investing knowledge with no fluff or hype.

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7th Jan 2017 (Sat)
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7th Jan 2017 (SAT)

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