Raising Startup Capital in ASEAN

Angel Investing Course

Raising Startup Capital in Singapore and around ASEAN

An Active Angel Investor Reveals:

  • How Angel Investors Evaluate Startups
  • What Angel Investors look for in a Pitch Deck
  • What to expect when dealing with shareholders
  • What makes Angel Investors tick and invest in your startup...
  • PLUS, gain entry into a closed community of Angel Investors, and more!

21 Jul 2018, Sat

9 am to 1 pm

To Be Confirmed

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For Entrepreneurs, and Startup founders looking to raise capital:

Only 7 Seats!

We want to keep the proportion of Angel Investors to Entrepreneurs healthy, hence only 3 seats will be avaliable to you!

What's In It For Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs?

While we've been building a community of Angel Investors through the niche Angel Investing Course, we've discovered...

Startup founders and Entrepreneurs loved and found great value when they attended this course!


It gives them the insider view, right from the horse's mouth. 

Der Shing is an active Angel Investor who has a stake in 14+ startups. 

He meets entrepreneurs and founders regularly. 

And he reveals everything he looks for (in a potential startup) at these pitches and meetings.

You'd be surprised that many things he mentions are usually beyond what's on your pitch deck.

And this is how the big Angel Investors tick. 

This is what they think and consider, before they decide to write a cheque and support you. 

This could be your answer to raising funds, and exploding your startup's growth in 2018:

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The Angel Investing Course Will Show You:

"Lifecycle of a Startup"  

(Worth $899)

How a startup goes from seed to early stage to expansion stage to late stage. When is the best time to get in as an angel investor?  

Discover the best stage to woo angel investors! This module could save you time and effort, and allow you to maximise the use of your resources to getting your startup to the prime spot before you kickstart your fund raising efforts.

"Analysing a Pitch Deck"  

(Worth $1,000)

Der Shing reveals what Angel Investors should ask during a pitch. This will be your 10 year series to acing pitches and getting more investors on board. 

And..it could be the difference to making or breaking a deal with your next potential investor.

"Principles of Evaluation"  

(Worth $1,299)

"Evaluation of the founders, the market potential, and the sales channels to reach customers."

Discover how angel investors will be evaluating your business model. 

These are the homework you should do before meeting any potential investor that could deermine if you will get the funds.

"The Math of the Angel Portfolio"  

(Worth $1,299)

"Most startups fail. But it can still be a very profitable endeavour with one or two big winners." 

This is the #1 worry of angel investors, and possibly the #1 objection you will have to overcome. 

You'll find out how you can get potential investors to write you that cheque, if you can master this.

"Post Investment Matters, How to Exit"  

(Worth $799)

"Determine how involved to be as an Angel Investor. Ways to help the startup you have just invested to succeed."  

Angel Investors are in for the money. You should understand how long and how much they are expecting to spend with you, for a potential return. And how to structure a win-win situation so that both your company and your investor are growing.

"Term Sheet & Shareholder Agreement"  

(Worth $1,299)

"How should a term sheet look like and what should be included to protect your interests as an Angel Investor?"

How to BEST structure your agreement to ensure a WIN-WIN situation, and garner long lasting support from your investors.

Course Highlights

Discover How Angel Investors Evaluate A Startup 

"I have learned and understood the principles of evaluation. This will help me make a better decision on whether to invest in a startup." - Lee Keng Lan, Director, Startup HQ Group

Real Case Studies

"Awesome sharing. I appreciate the openness and insights. I also like the workshop methodology. It gets us more engaged." - Wesley Chiongbian, President, Mynimo.com

Angel Portfolio Showcase

Revealing real data from a S$2m angel portfolio

Presented by:

Mr Lim Der Shing

Der Shing is an active Regional Angel Investor in 14 startups and Venture Partner at Jungle Ventures. 

He is also the Former CEO and founder of JobsCentral Group. He grew both the profit and revenue over a 14 year period from a 2 man startup into a leading regional job portal with over 150 staff in 3 countries. In 2011, sold the business to CareerBuilder. 

His experience covers all the topics required to startup, build and scale a consumer internet business in South East Asia. He shares some of his insights at his blog. He will be sharing more of his experience and knowledge during the Angel Investing Course. 

Our Attendees Say...

"Practical course. I appreciate Der Shing's candid views about the lessons and mistakes he made along the way. This is also a great way to network. " - James Ang, Senior Director, Cloud Computing

"Insightful thoughts from Der Shing and practical advice from the practitioner's point of view. " - Jeyson Ng, Assistant Director, Phillip Securities

"Very good course to get the basics in place." - Abhay Kumar, Regional Vice President

"An eye-opening, intensive, fast paced course for the eager angel investor. Exceeded my expectations. I appreciate Der Shing's frank sharing too." - Michael Lin, Managing Director, Auston Institute of Management

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Who Should Attend?

business owner

Existing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

Business owners who want to invest and support aspiring entrepreneurs and their startups. 

aspiring entrepreneur

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how Angel Investing works and what Angel Investors look for in a startup.

accredited investor

Accredited Investors (AI) 

AIs who are looking for alternative investment opportunities with great return potential.


Academics who are curious about the regional Angel Investing scene and the psychology of Angel Investors.

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Yes, there's more

Your ticket includes membership to:

Angel Central 


The best graduate support group you'll ever see

Angel Central is a community of 150+ angels who are passionate and interested in helping fund startups in the ASEAN region. 

You will gain entry to regular pitch sessions and most importantly fund startups in their preseed, seed to Series A rounds.

We have about $1.1m offers in just 3 pitch sessions and have helped 5 startups raise money. We share some of our startup investments at AngelCentral.co

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs: This should be worth your entire course price. This is your entry to a closed group of hungry investors.

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