2-Day Quant Investing Course designed
for Retail Investors

Take advantage of volatility-based, model-driven investment strategies for stable 10% - 15% returns P.A.

the first ever Course designed & conducted by EX-hedge fund managers

CEO's Message

At Dr Wealth we believe in empowering individuals with trusted financial education to gain financial certainty and control of their lives. We believe that investing is a skill set that gives you returns for life. We also believe that any individuals who want to improve their lot in lives have to equip themselves with trustworthy and quality financial education.

To stay true to our mission, we would like to introduce our first ever Quant Investment Course - where we teach you the power of quant investing, taking advantage of data and models to make great investment decisions.

How we select our trainers

If you have been following us for some time, you would know that we do not select our trainers lightly. It is common practice in the education space that speakers are often selected based their charisma and their ability to sell.

We, however, select trainers based on their ability to invest. Their track record, credibility and authority matter more than to us than anything else. Above all, the trainers have to teach what they practice!

This means that we would be spending time mostly saying No to many potential trainers and education organisations, who do not align with our values to provide trustworthy investment education.

I have known Eng Guan personally and know him to be trustworthy and good at what he does. That's why we approached him to impart his knowledge with you. You can be rest assured that the materials you get from him is going to be of great value. 

Alvin Chow

Have you ever wondered:

  • How does quant investing work - curious about fundamental, mechanics and best practices of quant investing. From how and where to start, to constructing, backtesting, implementing and optimising quant strategy.
  • How could you apply quant investment strategy and achieve investment returns in the range of 10 - 15%, even if you do not possess any advanced mathematics, statistics, and financial background.
  • How could you remove yourself from the emotionally draining activities of hour-by-hour monitoring stock prices, and following the latest corporate news. Yes, you could invest without doing all those!
  • How could you take more control of your investment and earn higher returns with quant-based strategies used by leading financial institutions, yet avoid paying the high fees of management and administrative to fund managers.
  • Any off-the-shelf quant strategies that you could learn and deploy your capital right away without spending a 5-figure and years on academic education. Trust us as we have trainers who have CFA and masters in finance, and he said it did not help him in one bit. Why would it be a surprise as formal education is created to get you a job, not to train you to be a self-dependent investor.

If any one of the above has caught your interest, then this 2-day course is going to excite you. To get a sneak peek of the programme, click on the link below to reserve a free seat to our preview:

Quant-Led, Models-Driven Trending Following
Risk Parity Strategy.

You will be learning two advanced investment strategies using quant-based approach as well as applying leverage to achieve 10%-15% annual returns.


Trending following strategy is the most popular investment strategy after value investing. If value investing is about buy low and sell high, then trend following is about buy high and sell even higher.


If the word risk parity sounds overt complex to you, it probably is. Most investment approach focuses on capital allocation, whereas risk parity focuses on risk allocation. The first risk parity fund is developed by Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world.


When you combine both strategies, you would get smoother returns with best performing strategy balance out the second best strategy to achieve higher overall portfolio returns.

No blackbox, No Coding, No Expensive Subscriptions.

Fully open, transparent, and use tools you are already familiar with.

You have heard that right.

You will learn the inside out and outside in of the models.

You will know exactly how the investment decisions are derived, rather than blindly following whatever the models say you should do. Backtested results do not mean actual results, but actual results mean real results.

  • You will learn how to build models from scratch. Highly actionable and interactive class, this is not a course for passive consumption of information
  • You will be given pre-built models so you can deploy your capital right away. Coding knowledge and tools are not required - you will be given scripts, Excel formula, and checklists used by our trainers
  • You do NEED basic statistics and simple Microsoft Excel's know-how to invest successfully with quant-based strategy.

No Chart Reading

We do not draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to predict the price the security is going to land on. Signal is 100% generated from models.

No Candlesticks

We do not use candlesticks to generate entry or exit prices. So don't worry as you do not have to remember all the fanciful candlestick patterns.

No Technical analysis

Fibonacci? Head and shoulder pattern? RSI? Bollinger Bands? Nope we do not use all those. Our signals are backtested, tested and optimised from quant-based approach.

No Annual Reports Required

We do not rely on fundamental data, business model or Chairman's message to derive our investment decisions.

No following of Corporate News required

Corporate news are not important in determining our investment decisions. Hence, you need not have to follow any corporate news on the portfolio stocks.

Who this programme is for:

  • Investors who are interested about quant investment strategy. But do not know where and how start and do not want to deal with all the troubles of figuring out themselves.
  • Investors who believe in the power of math and data to achieve reasonable financial returns for their effort.
  • Investors who wish to improve their investment skillsets but are somewhat stuck facing the issue of "I don't know what I don't know." Quant-based investing would open your world to new possibilities and get you to the next level.
  • Investors who dislike reading financial reports, following corporate news, studying business & industry because of its subjectivity, this course will greatly benefit you.

Who this programme is NOT for:

  • People who want to get stock tips for some quick and easy gains.
  • People who need motivational, rah-rah speeches to get them excited about money and financial freedom. Check out my amazing lifestyle!
  • People who are looking to get a job into an investment firm.
  • People who believe that quant investing course could turn you into an overnight millionaire. Well, you may be a millionaire one day by deploying the right strategy and disciplines. Just not overnight.
  • People who are just overtly close-minded and skeptical about quant investment strategy, seeing human judgements and intuitions as the gospel truth for investment decisions. We respect your choice, this programme would not be suitable for you.
  • People who are only interested to 'looksee looksee' on what we have to offer but have no intention to learn. We have limited seats for each preview, so only join us if you are genuinely interested to learn more.

Who you will be learning from

Eng Guan Lim

Ex-Portfolio Manager

  • Masters of Science in Financial Engineering, NTU
  • Masters (by research) in Engineering, NUS
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1st Class) from NUS with Minor in Business, NUS

Eng Guan is a ex-portfolio manager of a systematic hedge fund. He has extensive experience, having spent more than a decade in the asset management and banking industry working through various roles since 2006. These include performing investment due diligence on hedge funds, valuation control on derivative and structured products, proprietary trading and fund management.

Prior to all these, he started out his first career in the civil service in 2002. But it was also during this time that he developed a keen interest in the financial markets. This prompted him to make a mid-career switch and his decision vastly open up his horizon on the investment landscape. There was so much more beyond just picking stocks, reading analyst reports or financial statements. An engineer by academic background, he always had a strong passion and interest for models and systems. That naturally led him to pursue the systematic or data driven approach towards investing.

Patrick Ling

Ex-Portfolio Manager

  • Masters of Science in Wealth Management, SMU
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (2nd Upper Class) from NUS

Patrick is a ex-portfolio manager of a systematic hedge fund. He has extensive experience, having spent more than a decade in the asset management and banking industry working through various roles since 2005. These include managing private client portfolios, covering hedge fund clients for equity derivatives products and strategy, product control on derivative and structured products and fund management.

Prior to all these, he started out his first career in the civil service in 2000. After building up his initial savings, he started investing in stocks. From there, he developed a keen interest in financial markets which led him to make a mid-career switch into the finance industry. Gradually, he moved beyond picking stocks to adopting a global macro mind-set covering multiple asset classes. This helped him navigate the 2008 financial crisis successfully. Eventually, he settled on the systematic data driven approach towards investing.

What You Will Learn In This 2-Day Course


Fundamentals and perspectives
Assets selection
Risk calculation of security and portfolio
Portfolio optimisation based on risk parameters
Construct a multi-asset risk parity portfolio


Fundamentals and perspectives
key parameters
Stocks selection
Construct a diversified trend following portfolio
Multi-strategy approach

To be revealed during the information session

Quant Investing Course Info-Session

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26 February 2020

137 Cecil Street
HengDa Building
Level 4 Shibuya Room
Singapore 069537