Regain Control of Your Finances

Designed for the non-finance professional, the Personal Finance Mastery Course simplifies everything you need to optimise and gain control over your personal finances.

After the course, you will be able to understand financial tools such as insurance and investment tools, diagnose your financial health at any time and craft your own financial plan.

Let’s face it. Personal Finance is a big puzzle that many non-finance (and even some finance) professionals have trouble piecing together. Before you even attempt to learn to invest or “let your money work for you”, there are several pieces of the finance puzzle that you need to grasp. These include the fundamental tools and services that one may need to protect, preserve and grow your money.

If you find yourself struggling to understand (or dozing off whenever you try to) if a certain financial tool or service suits your needs, this 1 day course was designed for you.

At the Personal Finance Mastery Course, you will learn to:

Make smart finance decisions in any economic situations

Understand the types of financial products and tools available in the market.

Be able to determine the tools that are critical to your financial success and those that may potentially harm you.

Understand the expected risks and returns of tools such as bonds, stocks, insurance, CPF.

Understand the terms and true prices of insurance. As well as determine your true returns.

Understand what bonds are and how they fit into your finance ‘puzzle’.

How you can start investing in stocks for acceptable returns without a huge capital nor the ability to pick individual stocks.

Get a crash course to a Complete Finance Education.

What You’ll Learn

The Personal Finance Mastery Course is a 1 day course where you will be equipped with the essential financial knowledge to make the right decisions going forward:

Master your financial literacy 
– Understand the 3 key components of financial planning
– How to measure your financial health in just 5 minutes
– Unlock the secrets of good financial habits
Essential Insurance 
– The 2 most important insurance you need to have. No, it’s not whole life insurance.
– How to reduce your insurance premium effectively
– How to get the real return of your endowment plan. (Free calculator provided)
Generate Passive Income with Bonds
– What bonds are NOT and how you can avoid being scammed
– How smart investors maximise bonds to derive ‘passive’ returns…the right way
– 3 factors to look out for in safe bond investing
Investing in stocks profitably 
– How to make smart investing decisions in any economic conditions
– 1 simple, foolproof way to find undervalued stocks that most trainers don’t mention
– 1 little-known tool that allows any investor to clock in 6-7% returns without the need to study individual companies
Hacking Your CPF for Retirement
– Retirement as a goal: How much do you really need personally?
– Everything you need to know about CPF and SRS for a smooth retirement
– Get 1 free retirement calculator and 1 SRS calculator that you can use every day
Become a wise manager of your money
– Your Life Cycle and the appropriate allocation you need at every stage
– Real Life Case Studies of finance planning models you may want to use

Your Trainers

Louis Koay
AWPcm. Mensa. Trainer at BigFatPurse Pte Ltd.

He graduated from National University of Singapore with First Class Honors and he has successfully completed all three levels of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations.

He is also the creator of the Financial Statement Analysis Course, which aims to educate retail investors about evaluating the financial strength of companies, in depth.

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S$98 sounds like a good deal, is it a sales pitch?

The Personal Finance Mastery Course is not a sales pitch. There will be no products or services for sale. Instead, Louis will be equipping you with the ability to make your own financial decisions that are the best for yourself.

Yes, Louis is a broker and can help you gain access to some of the financial tools mentioned. But, that choice is entirely up to you. You are free to use any brokers or services that you deem are best for you.

Will the course be biased since Louis is in the industry?

We aim to keep the course as neutral as possible. As a Financial Advisory Consultant, Louis has access to information from all the insurance companies. This gives him the ability to compare plans from various companies which we feel will keep his analysis of these plans neutral.

Can the trainer really cover everything in just 4 hours?

Yes. Because Louis has thrown away all the fluff. He will present only the key essentials that you will need to know to understand personal finance, and to optimise your finances.

What Can We Get Away From This Course?

You will be able to discern various personal finance and investment tools such as: Insurance, CPF, SRS, Bonds, Stock after the course.

The aim of the course is to equip you with the ability to make your own finance and investment decisions. You will also be able to conduct your own financial health check to determine if your current plans are really as sufficient as you think they are.


We promise to impart real investing knowledge with no fluff or hype.


1st April 2017 (Sat)

9 am to 1 pm
Town Area

Course Fee:


1st April 2017 (Sat)

Only 50 Seats Available

By enrolling, you agree to our terms and conditions as stated below:

• Your enrollment into the course will only be confirmed after full payment has been received and  acknowledged by BigFatPurse Pte Ltd.

• All payment are non-refundable.

• Postponement notice must be given in writing, 7 days prior to course commencement date, otherwise an administrative fee of S$25 will be imposed.

• Should the participant be unable to attend the pre-paid registered class, the participant may attend one replacement class, subject to availability.

• BigFatPurse Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the syllabus, course dates and venue where required.

• The information provided by BigFatPurse Pte Ltd and the associated trainers are meant for educational  purposes, and at no instance to be regarded as investment advice.

• BigFatPurse Pte Ltd and the associated trainers are not liable for any losses incurred from your investment  activities.