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On Sale: Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus

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Finally, the book is on sale at major bookstores! Over the past year, I have interviewed 8 traders in Singapore and recorded their wisdom into this book. Besides the book, you get to watch hours of interviews online! Thanks to Eileen of Moolah.asia and Aktive Learning who had helped to make this happen. Click here to buy

The Genesis

You would find familiarity to Mr Propwise’s “Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus“. This is no coincidence as this is indeed an appropriate sequel to his book since both are based on interviews. I was pretty inspired by “Market Wizards” series of books where Jack Schwager interviewed traders of various techniques and perspective. It gave a good insight into the minds of traders. I was thinking, “why don’t I do the interviews myself and get to hear from the experts directly!” I shared my idea with Eileen and she agreed to do this project together. She arranged the interviews and did all the video recording and editing, while I was work on the questions and writing. When the project was completed, we approached Aktive Learning who was willing to take up the publishing.

The Gurus


Keane Lee is the founder of the T3B system. I have personally learned from him and I am still applying his teachings. He was the first person who taught me how to short the market. He was interested in the financial markets at a young age and without someone guiding him, he took 10 years to be proficient in trading. He believes in using a mechanical system to trade the markets so that emotions can be removed. He said,

“If there is one secret , I would say it is to let go of the emotional attachment to your money.”


Yeo Keong Hee is a forex trainer at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. An IQ score of 156, there is no doubt in his intelligence. His excellence in academic put him in a good corporate job. But he did not like the corporate culture and he decided trading was a good alternative. He quit his job after he had achieved profits that were greater than his salary for three consecutive months. He said,

“You need to use your analysis tools in a way which is different from the majority so that you are not part of the herding instinct.”

Binni Ong is the co-founder of TerraSeeds Market Technicians. Every master was once a disaster. She started dabbling in the stock market for his mother and lost $100,000 at the age of 17. She was able to trade her way back to return the money to her mother and live on trading income. She said,

“We do not want to look for a short term or quick way to make money. We want a sustainable way of making money.”

Nicholas Tan is a forex trainer and author of several books. He learned his trading from his previous job as a bank trader. With his 13 years of experience in the bank, He had handled $20-30 million positions in the bank and had been in the market in times of financial crises and wars. He decided to trade on his own in 2002. He said,

“The important thing is not going after the profit, but it is about looking after your losses. The profit will take care of itself as long as you take care of your stops.”

Clarence Chee is a forex trainer at T3B. A former accountant turned trader. He started trading in bucket shops with his friend who was a professional forex trader. As he had handled currency conversions in his previous job, it became natural for him to trade forex. He said,

“Money is a by-product once you become a good trader.”


Tom Yuen is a SGX trainer. He was a SIMEX trader for 13 years until it was closed. He was trading on the same floor with the infamous Nick Leeson at that time. A disaster in the past as well, he lost all his money in year 2000. He had to sell his motor-cycle and put together $30,000 to continue to trade. He recovered to his normal trading after two to three months. He said,

“Do not spend a lot of money trying to buy and learn magic systems, as the answer lies within.”

Patrick Lee is a SGX trainer. He writes a blog – Risk Management. Also a former SIMEX trader and a good friend with Tom Yuen. He is one of the ex-floor traders who transit to electronic trading successfully. A scalper by nature, he trades in the arcade during market hours. He makes about $1,000-$1,500 per day, in 17 out of 22 trading days. He said,

“I can decide how much money I want to make. But the market may not allow you to make that amount of money and you have to accept that and probably take a day off.”


Dave Foo is the chief trainer at Thomas the Coach. His method is the most unique of all – non-directional trading. Since most options expire worthless, he can make consistent profits by selling options. He had his fair share of losses during 2008 but was able to resume trading after two months of break. He said,

“This is what I mean by non-directional trading – the market can go up, down, or sideways, and I can still make money.”

I have also included a chapter at the end of the book to consolidate the common points shared by the interviewees. This book is good for people who intend to venture into trading, to help you find out what trading is like and if you are suitable to do it. This book is also good for people who intend to attend the courses offered by these trainers. You can have a better understanding about their background, their philosophy and approach to the markets. This book is good for traders too. You can gather new ideas and approaches to the market and add another weapon into your arsenal! And do not forget to view the videos once you purchased the book!

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