Net Net Hunting Singapore – Finding the Best Undervalued Stocks for Maximum Profits

A 5 year 22.5% Annualised Return. $10,000 capital with $2k contributed per month would have grown to $237,316.66 in 5 years. A life changing amount of money for most Singaporeans. 

Evan Bleker has managed to earn 25% returns a year for the past 5 years, crushing the 5 year average return of the S&P500, which has netted investors 12.65% a year in comparison over the past 5 years. 

Each month, Evan chooses the best Net Net Stock with the highest probability of success and sends it to you in a comprehensive report. Within the report will be his thoughts, valuations of the company, business write up, as well as his recommendation. 

In short, we supply all of the research, analysis and recommendations. 

You make the decision. 

About Evan Bleker aka, Net Net Hunter

Deep Value Investor, Net Net Hunter

Evan Bleker

Net Net Hunting Singapore was set up in collaboration with Net Net Hunter, aka Evan Bleker of Net Net Hunter. We partnered with him for three simple reasons. 

  1. Walking the talk: Evan invests 100% using his own Net Net approach. You have to be willing to eat your own cooking if you're a chef. What kind of chef wouldn't be excited to eat his own food? I don't know a single one. All the cooks I know love their own food. It's why they cook. The same thing applies here. Evan believes in it, loves it, uses it. And he has the results to show its not all passion and no performance.

  2. Performance matters: Evan's results below have crushed the index for 5 years running achieving a compounded annual growth rate of 22.5%. A simple starting investment sum of $20,000 along with $24,000 ever year ($2,000 per month of savings injected into the markets to grow) would compound to $940k in 10 years and to $2.8 million in 15 years. In 20 years, that sum would balloon to $7.9 million dollars. That's an amount of money that would change not just your life but the life of your children and your children's children.

  3. Practitioner's Track Record is Consistent: It's common to find "trainers" and "gurus" who quickly pop up and disappear. We don't want that. We want practitioners. Lifelong trade-craft honing practitioners who walk the talk. Evan's been investing since August of 2013. Close to 7 years now. With or without a service, I have no doubt Evan will continue to invest the way he has for years to come. That's how you know you can rely on him. He didn't suddenly "discover" investing. He's been doing it for years. And that matters to us. 

Case Studies

ASX: Richfield International

Recommended date: 2015
Value realised: 400% 
Date value realised: May 2016

If you purchased Richfield shares when it popped up on Net Net Hunter’s Shortlist in early 2015 – when the price was AU$0.085 per share – and held on until the takeover at AU$0.34 per share, you would have made a 400% return in just 12 months. $5,000 invested would have become $20,000 in just 12 months! Nobody will argue with a solid 4-bagger.

Twinbird, Japanese Company, 77% in 4 months since recommendation

Twinbird is a company that builds things like fans, toasters for your home, and space-aged coolers that you can take on your camping trip. What caught my eye was the company's former level of profitability, it's price relative to its past four years of earnings, and it's sizeable NCAV growth rate...

Sangoma Technologies could have been a 140% annualised gain instead of a mere 30%. Mistakes were made  - and still I profitted.

Back in late 2013 I found what was nearly the perfect net net stock.

It was conservatively financed.

It was buying back stock.

It was loaded with cash. If I'd sold when I should have instead of simply holding on hoping for better, I would have registered 100% gains within 4 months...

Minimal Time. Minimal Effort. Index Crushing Performance Every Year. 

Now that we've gotten what we do and who we are out of the way, let's look at Evan's 5 year returns.

This screenshot is taken straight from his Interactive Brokers performance report and shows his account's performance against the NASDAQ and the Russell 2000 small cap index. 

Image show portfolio returns since Inception, Feb 7 2014, to Feb 6, 2019.

Since Inception, Feb 7 2014, to Feb 6, 2019

His performance has absolutely crushed the market over the last 5 years. While the NASDAQ has had an amazing run, his portfolio has far outpaced it. 

Over the 5 year period, the Net Net Hunter Fund is up 176% total, amounting to a CAGR of 22.5%. 

This is much lower than he would like -- and a drop from his performance last year, but still well above the NASDAQ's CAGR of 14%. The Russell 2000 wasn't close. Nobody was.

How is this Performance Achieved?

The Best Strategy Buffett Used Himself Until He Was Too Rich to Do So

Before we dig into the details, keep in mind: this is an often overlooked value investing strategy... It's not pretty and the stock picks can often look ugly. But make no mistake about it – this is the best performing value strategy for small investors.

Even Warren Buffett has said great things about Graham's net net strategy. In his early days running a small fund, Buffett relied on net net investing as his bread and butter to earn market crushing returns. Is it any wonder the strategy works? 

"My cigar-butt strategy worked very well while I was managing small sums. Indeed, the many dozens of free puffs I obtained in the 1950s made that decade by far the best of my life for both relative and absolute investment performance."

Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, netting 20% average returns for 50 years running

Shouldn't the market have eaten up this opportunity? 

First, its difficult psychologically to invest this way. Nobody wants to swim in a river of garbage. Much less go through garbage, find garbage, and dig into the innards of garbage. But scraping our nails against the intestines of garbage is what allows us to find so much value. We find the truly 1% of stocks that are worth our time and discard the rest offering only the best possible chances of making money. 

Second, this strategy works fine for under $100 million. It starts being very bad after your capital exceeds $100 million. That's because to make 20% on $100 million, you need to make $20 million. Net Net Stocks are by nature extremely small and cheap. Some of them don't even have $5m in market capitalisation. You would need 15-30 Net Net Stocks all moving in your favour to earn decent returns. So yes, being rich has its disadvantages. You can no longer invest in tiny companies. A lesson Buffett had to learn the hard way years ago when his wealth grew immeasurably. 

As it turns out, this disadvantage is to the advantage of retail investors. We typically start out with small sums of capital. Having too much money to manage is a problem we dream of having. 

The big boys like Temasek Holdings and The Bank of America and Blackrock managing trillions of dollars can't possibly play in our pool. It's too small. They wouldn't even get wet. We can swim in it. Do laps in it. We can stay in the pool until we outgrow it. This is not an option the rest of the bigger professionally run investment firms has. 

Until we grow our capital past $100 million. We stay in the small pool. 

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Net-Net Hunter is excellent. It's your 'one-stop-shop' for high quality net-net opportunities across the globe. Not only is it a great place to find new net-net ideas, the community forum is a great way to surround yourself with investors who do it best. Such a great way to generate new investment ideas -- it's very impressive.

Lukas Neely

Investor Vantage

Net Net Hunter is a very valuable and unique service. There are very few sites dedicated to following net net stocks. This site offers investors a wealth of information on the subject as well as many potential stock opportunities to consider.

Matthew Senicola

Managing Partner at North Shore Wealth Management

Net net hunter makes selecting net nets really easy by having a shortlist of international stocks ready to go. The stocks are filtered through their scorecard to increase the odds of picking winners and helps you understand what process is being used.

Jae Jun

Old school value investor

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Do a quick google search and you'll see services asking for USD$300-$700 every month. That is far too heavy of a burden for retail investors. Retail investors take the bulk of their investment capital from their salary after expenses and savings.

This means many of us do not have princely sums of cash to waste on research and ideas. We must conserve our capital as much as possible and deploy it as wisely as possible.

Running a service that demanded a high subscription fee would be to against my mission of staying focused on our customers. 

That is why we have pushed for a significant discount to get the monthly fees as low as possible while still giving subscribers immense value for the dollar. 

This is a decision we made. And now it is your turn to make a decision. 

Life is a series of decisions. Each decision you make now matters more than every in the context of your lifespan.

Investing is one of those decisions where its effects are especially pronounced because you always receive the money you make from investments years after you made a decision. 

Make the right decision. Invest better.  For yourself. Your family. And your loved ones.