Investment Courses Singapore

This is for those who are laser focused on massive capital appreciation. We use a combination of Deep Value & Growth Strategies founded by Benjamin Graham himself, updated with modern research and backed by data. All taught by our CEO who got to his first million using what he's teaching. 

The Singapore dream is dead. Chris Ng, who built a 7-figure portfolio will show you how you can retire early on passive income through the stock market with safe, strategically leveraged, dividend strategies.

Looking to capitalise on China's growth
This course will equip you with the know-how to navigate the Chinese stock markets, pick safe China growth stocks with huge growth potential and more.

Tech stocks caught your eyes?
We've invited a SaaS focused investor and analyst to share how he valuates and picks safe SaaS stocks with Hypergrowth potential. (no kidding, he bagged 250% returns in 2020!)

Looking for a battle-proven trading system to bring in cash consistently month after month? Robin Ho has devised a proprietary formula which helped thousands of students achieve over 8 figures of profits in total.

Chris was an investment banker.  Now he's hunting digital currency full time. Don't think cryptocurrency is profitable? Chris Long will prove you wrong. Chris has been busily exploring the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies ever since quitting his cozy investment banking job in 2016.