Want to participate in the growth of the next superpower but unsure about the risks of investing in China? Can't help but feel that management in China can't be trusted? Don't worry. We understand exactly how you feel. That's why we dedicate so much time and effort to picking stocks with margin of safety and the best growth possible. 

TODAY: With rising Chinese influence worldwide, this imminent rise of a new superpower to rival the U.S. provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in Chinese companies with the potential to dominate the world, allowing you to reap multiple times the capital you invest in.

China is Probably the Best Place to Put Your Money In if you are into Growth Investing.

This is where we come in. As an investment outfit, we not only teach courses, we also invest actively. Leading the way is the only way to function for us and we are unable to see how anyone who does not walk the talk can teach.

This means we spend a majority of our time researching, exploring, fact-checking and verifying thousands of minute details that can prove pivotal in identifying the right stocks.

This is both time consuming and expensive - both in terms of data analysis and manpower.

A single retail investor would have to possess significant resources of his own in order to operate at a similar level.

With us, you do not have to.

We provide the analysis needed for each investment. 

You decide to buy or abstain.

Investment opportunities will be plentiful and we intend to be purchasers of Chinese stocks which pass our very stringent requirements in time to come.
You can capitalise on our expertise, efforts, and track record.

All without spending a single hour trying to pierce the heavy veil of smog that is China's stock market.

"The Best Companies in China are CHEAPER than the Best U.S. Companies."

- Charlie Munger

Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

and Warren Buffett's confidante

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We weren't kidding when we said China has experienced exponential growth for certain stocks. 


+15,928% Gains In 19 Years. $2,000 would have turned into $318,560.


+1,407% Gains In 3 Years! $2,000 would have turned into $28,140. 


+45,827% Gains In 16 Years! $2,000 investment would have turned into $916,540.

Invest Confidently in China Stocks & Accelerate Your Returns:

  • Leverage On Our Decades Of Stock Investing Experience: With A Combined 18 Years Of Stock Investing Experience In Numerous Asian Markets Including Chinese Stocks, You Can Count On Us To Have A Deep Understanding On How To Conduct Proper Valuations And Analysis. You Can Leverage On Our Expertise Even If You Do Not Have The Know-How.
  • Discover Under-The-Radar But Profitable Stock Ideas: Chinese Stocks Are Misunderstood And Often Under-Researched. We Do The Hard Work To Uncover Potentially Multi-Bagger Stocks And We Present Our Analysis To You. Have High Growth Chinese Stocks Served To You!
  • Avoid Deceptive & Dangerous Chinese Company Stocks: We Share the Same Sentiments & Concerns As You About Investing in China & We Want to Help You Avoid Deceptively-Profitable Companies where Corporate Governance & Financial Reporting Is Questionable.
  • *EXCLUSIVE: Access Our Watchlist Of China Stocks Which You Can Invest In With A Margin of Safety! 



Dragon Master

Investment Analyst, Dr Wealth

Khinwai is the investment analyst for Dr Wealth. Since joining Dr Wealth, he has discovered profitable investment ideas in China for Dr Wealth's Insiders network that investors frequently fail to spot. His latest analyses for the network has thus far gained at least 20% till date. 

Over the past year, network members have had the opportunity to make outstanding gains in Chinese (incl. Hong Kong) stocks. Some of our members have bagged 70% gains or more on a healthcare stock we covered not too long ago.

Khinwai's research specialty is in analyzing key ‘value drivers’ which are often times intangible (ie. management's competence and integrity, network effects, moats, culture). This is crucial especially when Chinese companies have a different operational, social and political framework from the West.

In this monthly service, Khinwai will also provide additional analysis to help members avoid fraudulent stocks in China. Using a proprietary framework, he will look to identify red flags such as accounting irregularities and potentially dangerous related-party transactions in each stock idea.

With over 6 years of investment experience,  Khinwai's personal portfolio has generated ~12.31% annual returns to date. He holds a BBA (Finance) degree and occasionally writes for SumZero and SeekingAlpha.

Understanding 3 Most Important Aspects That Could MAKE / BREAK Your China Investments

Today, China continues to open up with fewer obstacles to investors. Investing in China Stocks is highly rewarding as it is challenging - it will test us as well as reward us. First & Foremost, not knowing these puts Your China Investments in a Highly precarious Position. it's your hard-earned money at stake.

Reading Annual Reports In Chinese

Annual Reports of China companies are written in Chinese. So if you invest in China companies you'll need excellent command of the Chinese language, along with the ability to interpret and understand Chinese financial terms, in order to gather actionable insights & make informed decisions. 

Investing Only In The Right Companies

Negative news on corporate governance & reporting: We know common negative sentiments associated with China companies. It's what gives a bad name to investing in China. Choosing the right companies to invest in can be challenging & this is why you need a powerful 'defence' to safeguard your investments, which can only come from proper analysis by experienced investors.

Credibility of Financial Statements

While China companies have adopted practices from other countries in Financial Reporting, analysing China financial statements is still a whole different ball game due to differences in accounting for China companies. You'll need rock-solid understanding in analysing China company financial statements for credibility so that you'll truly know whether to invest.

And That's EXACTLY Why Growth Dragons Is Here.

This is Where We Come In. There's More.

Why Growth Dragons is All You Need To Start Investing Safely In China Stocks:

Quantitative Growth Projections

Competitive Landscape and Market Share Analysis

Key Business Growth Drivers

Stocks Diagnosis Assessment

Holistic Risk Management

Insights & Commentary

Amidst Global Uncertainty, Temporary Tensions etc ... Growth Dragons Promises You:

Safe Foray Into China Markets

Start venturing into China Stock Markets based on our in-depth fundamental analysis with strict analytical process to achieve a wide margin of safety. We invest and put our money where our mouth is so be sure that our interests are aligned.

Identifying The Best Opportunities

There are at least 2,500 stocks in China and we have access to professional grade data to scour the best opportunities at any one point in time. We are bilingual and able to distill and translate important news, annual reports, commentaries & market happenings from Chinese to English.

Close Monitoring of Chinese Stocks

We pay special attention & watch the China markets like a hawk. So we're aware of the crucial market news & happenings. We are ethnically Chinese and have contacts to Chinese Nationals so you can count on us when it comes to understanding the Chinese culture, nuances & psyche.

More 'Dragon Growth' Stocks: How Much Returns You Would Have Made From Owning These Stocks Earlier.

*GREE Electric: +6,606% Gains In 23 Years! $2,000 would have turned into $132,120. 287% growth per year.


 +10,108% Jump In 15 Years!$2,000 would have turned into $202,160. 673% average growth a year. 


+5,063% Gains In 16 Years! $2,000 would have turned into $101,260. An average 316% growth each year. 

Even More 'Dragon Growth' Stocks: Trusted Brands Familiar To You Which Have MASSIVE Growth.

*BAIDU: China's Google. +1,297% Returns. 15 Years! $2,000 would have turned into $25, 940. An average growth rate of 84% a year. 

*PING AN INSURANCE: +1,803% Gains In 16 Years! $2,000 would have turned into $36,060. An average gain of 112% ever year.

Kickstart Your Investing Journey in China Stocks.

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Let Growth Dragons be your SECRET to profiting from China stock markets today. 

And other investors will be wondering how you did it.

P.S.:  New Investors Have Found Compelling Reasons To Start Investing In China. Imagine How Much Returns You Could Be Missing Out By Not Signing Up. If You're Still Undecided, Why Not Hear From What Our CEO Has To Say:

A Personal Message from Dr. Wealth's CEO:

“China is Going To Be The Next Superpower Whether You Like It Or Not, and There's No Sign Of Stopping Them."

Alvin Chow,

CEO, Dr. Wealth

  • Engineer-Turned Stock Investor / Mentor
  • Creator, Factor-Based Investing Course
  • Creator, Intelligent Investors' Immersive Programme
  • Best-Selling Author of :

- The Singapore Permanent Portfolio

- Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus

Good day everyone! On behalf of Dragon Master KW, I'm sure we’re all excited about how Growth Dragons can help you profit safely from China Stocks. With China’s rising status today as a leading global superpower, China remains an attractive, ever-growing economy for MASSIVE growth.

As investors, it is only in our best interest to see China’s internationalization as an opportunity & turn this to our advantage. That’s why I personally invest in China companies & in their growth. With an estimated of a homogenous 600 million population in China's coastal areas, opportunities are endless & it’s time we invest in the upcoming generation of fast-growth companies & become vastly richer. I’m confident this newsletter will give you investment-worthy stock ideas you can take advantage on.

Yes - indeed many of us would question important areas e.g. corporate governance issues & accuracy in their financial reporting. The China GAAP is an adapted version of the U.S. GAAP and disclosures are equally detailed in both versions. Regardless we have to do more due diligence to ascertain the credibility & integrity of Chinese companies - both qualitatively & quantitatively. 

Dragons in the East i.e. China are majestic, powerful protectors who bring good luck, fortune, wealth & prosperity to all who encounter them. Chinese dragons are seen as a sign of authority & the epitome of vitality, luck, persistence, & boldness, the very characteristics most Chinese companies embodyIt is in our Growth Dragons' DNA that you’ll be able to generate & accumulate MASSIVE wealth from this smart move. Let your decisions, not conditions, dictate how you’re going to succeed, & you'll come to realise this will be one of the best decisions you ever make. So get started & staying invested in China. Prosperity & Success to Everyone!

"Chinese Stocks ... Over the Next Decade, You Might Be Served by Diversifying Your Holdings & Investing At Least Some Of Your Money In The Most Populous Country." (2019)

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Hear Alvin (CEO, Dr Wealth) share about why he is invested in China and how we can help you take the first step.