For Investors looking to invest for profits in 2018:

What if you could tap into a proven investing formula used by the professionals and underground investors to silently pocket profits in today's market?

Nope, it doesn't require daily monitoring of the markets nor hourly checks on charts. And it doesn't require you to take leverage either...

Dear frustrated investor,  

I'm Alvin, investor, educator and CEO of Dr Wealth. 

After 12 years of testing the markets and investing, I've finally been able to consistently grow my wealth.  

Not only have I been able to grow my own wealth, I've been teaching my students to do the same over the past 3 years.  

They have seen similar results, and that's why I think the strategy that I'm about to share will work for you as well.  

You're probably here because you are looking for a better way to invest. And you are at the best place to start changing your investing journey.


I used to be where you are...or maybe worse.  

Before I had decipher the investing strategy that works in an ever-changing stock market, I was often disappointed and even despaired at my lacklustre results.  

I would see small profits, followed by large drawdowns. Or, would enjoy a short streak of good returns, only to be betrayed by the markets with a bad trade that wiped out all my profits and capital...  

I know what it’s like to try every investing 'strategy' or 'blueprint' I could lay my hands on, only to see my investment account shrink. And wondering if there was any strategy that would work for me..

It was frustrating when I first started my investing journey. 

You might find these situations familiar as well: 

  • I had saved up my hard earned money and merely wanted it to 'work harder' for me...only to lose it all in the stock market because I didn't know what I was doing
  • I had read all the recommended books on investing, but I still had no clue, zlitch, not an inkling of how to even start investing or what to invest in everytime I looked at the current market... 
  • I had spent a portion of my hard earned investing capital on courses that only end up teaching me the fundamentals that I had already learnt by reading books...and 'graduated' without a clear and actionable investing method that I could actually execute.
  • I was frustrated at the lack of growth in wealth, despite putting in all the effort to learn about investing and picking the 'right company'.
  • After at least 8 frustrating years of investing, my total net worth was lower that when I first started...I began to doubt if investing really works or if I should just save my money in the bank and settle for just a 0.5% growth per year. 

I was discouraged and was about to give up on investing when…

I stumbled upon an obscure investing strategy that was silently being adopted by fund managers and retail investors across the globe. 

It was an investing strategy that was 40 years in the making and had been proven time and again by economists and finance academics. How it has eluded most investors still puzzles me, but my partners are convinced that the professionals are deliberately keeping mum on this investing strategy. Only because it can be easily executed by the average man on the street, with great success.  

With this little known investing strategy;

  • You will being able to invest your hard-earned capital in the stock market with a well-crafted, step by step attack plan that will help you make confident investing decisions...and finally grow your wealth.  
  • You will be able to anaylse any stock in less than 15 steps, and immediately be able to tell if it has the potential to bring you returns...and also be able to identify if you should be investing at the price that it is currently trading at. 
  • You can finally stop wasting time, money and effort trying to chase the next best investing secret now. Instead, spend your resources on actually growing your wealth, seeing returns and maybe even collecting a passive income check too.
  • And, you will be able to pick the right stocks that allows you to grow your wealth consistently and steadily...while beating the market.
  • Finally, you can make investing work for you...if done systematically, with a proven methodology. 

My students have found it useful too:

“It gives me better confidence in the selection of stocks.”

Mike Chew

“This systematic strategy is not based on discretion which may lead to biasness on my part.”

Tan Keng Tong

“It has greatly enhanced my knowledge and allow me to invest in stocks with confidence and proper analysis.”

Alvin Tan

“This (course) allowed me to embark on an investment journey starting from zero.”

Bernard Lee 

Introducing the Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course

A quick and lean 2.5 hours workshop without any of the fluff or bluff.

You'll be learning: 

  • 1 complete investing master plan that allows you to keep growing your money regardless of how the economy is doing
  • 3 secrets to investing for profits in today's market, how you can start exploiting them and experience the steady growth of your networth 
  • 3 proven strategies to filter out profitable stocks 
  • How small independent investors like you and I can beat the market and secure professional-grade returns
  • Why the best way to diversify your stock portfolio to fully MAXIMISE the rewards of the Factors 
  • Real life case studies of some of the stocks we had invested in ourselves, and why we picked those stocks.

Factor-based Investing is still new in Singapore, and the 'gurus' have yet to pick it up. This means that as early adopters, the entire playing field is ours.  

Unlike Value Investing, which is now saturated by investors who are trying to snatch up the limited number of undervalued stocks.  

The Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course allows you to get in on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime gap in the market that you could potentially exploit now.  

Who is it for?

The Factor-Based Investing Introductory course is created for the struggling and frustrated investor who are ready to take action to change their investing results forever.  

I'll share my experience and you get to use it to your own advantage, to grow your own wealth.  

With that said, I have to let you know that this is not for everyone.  

This is NOT for you if:

  • You do not have at least 6 months of emergency fund for your daily expenses, investing is not something you should be thinking about yet.
  • You are a serial course or workshop attendee who just wants to 'learn' the theory but never apply them, this is not for you too.
  • You are a seat hogger who has the bad habit of hogging seats without the intention of actually coming to learn, this is not for you either. Someone else could have been in your seat, and this could have changed his/her life.  

Our graduates are successful investors too:

“My investment results have improved alot after learning from Alvin. Thank you!”

Chei Guan

“The strategy worked for the past 2 years even when the overall Singapore market didn't perform well!”


Skin in the game

I use the very same investing strategy I teach to invest my money. And this is my results thus far:

I spent 1 year, 4 months and a few days learning about Factor-Based Investing, and paid a learning fee of $12,928 to the markt to test and optimise the actual investing strategy.  

You can save your time, your money and your resources on learning and most importantly testing. 

Instead, you will only need to set aside 2.5 hours of your time to learn how you can invest successfully in today's market.  

You know you need this. You know that you can finally have a shot at changing your investment results. You know you have nothing to lose.

Reserve A Seat Now:

I'll see you at the upcoming course! 

Thanks again for reading, Alvin Dr Wealth 

P.S. Factor-based investing has transformed the investing results for me and many of my students. 

It could transform yours too. 

We are running the introductory course at no charge now, only to get more people exposed to this revolutionary investing method. 

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P.P.S. Factor-based investing has started gaining traction globally. 

Soon, it will become as popular as Value Investing is now. 

And investors will start seeing lesser opportunities as more people are able to identify these stocks. 

We are standing at the doorstep of the next revolution in retail investing, and I believe there are many low hanging fruits for us to discover in the stock market now. 

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