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Retail investors across the globe are starting to realise how easy it is for them to detect stocks that bring 100% (or more) returns systematically and repeatably using 'Factor-Based Investing'.

We have been testing it since 2013 using our real money, this are just some of the stocks that worked for us:


Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course 

The ONLY course in Singapore that reveals this groundbreaking investing methodology that will allow you to start picking profitable stocks just by following step-by-step strategies, so that you can start growing and compounding your wealth in 2018:  

11 Apr 2018, Wed 7.30 pm to 10 pm Bras Basah  

Only 50 Seats available. Reserve Now:

25 Apr 2018, Wed 7.30 pm to 10 pm Bras Basah  

Only 50 Seats available. Reserve Now:

Classes fill up fast. Do reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment! P.S. Dr Wealth reserves the rights to reject registrants who have the habit of hogging tickets and not showing up for future workshops.

Thanks for providing clear and targeted strategies in selecting stocks. This course has given me a lot more clarity in my investment journey. I would definitely recommend this course to people who are looking to increase their returns!” 

– Miao Teng, Group Finance Manager

I’ve greatly enhanced my knowledge through the course, and am now able to invest in stocks with confidence and proper analysis. I liked the sharing of live examples to illustrate what was taught.” – Alvin Tan, Military Officer

I have seen my investment performance improve tremendously. I would recommend Dr Wealth to anyone who wants to learn a disciplined and consistent approach to investing.” – Sophia Lee

What Exactly Will I Learn At The Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course? 

The Factor-Based Investing Introduction Course is a 2.5 hours course that will equip you with the fundamentals to navigate and invest in today’s markets for maximum growth and returns, plus:

How Small DIY Investors Can Pick Stocks That Deliver 100% or more returns & Beat The Market 

You will learn about 4 defining Factors that are signals of such stocks, and how you can exploit this knowledge to pick profitable stocks and grow your own money in the stock market today…regardless of the overall market movement.

What Works In Today’s Market, For Us 

Our aim as investors is to unearth and invest in stocks with the potential to reward us with 100% or more returns

Alvin shares what has worked for us, and how you can incorporate our methodology, “Factor-based Investing” to find stocks that bring at least 100% returns too.

How to Fully MAXIMISE The Rewards Of The Factors 

As investors, you'd probably want to be able to replace your job income so that you can get a piece of mind (some might say they want to fire their bosses too…

Alvin reveals how you can take advantage of the Factors to build a portfolio that generates a ‘passive’ investing income for you as well.

3+ Case Studies of Factor-Based Stocks 

and how you too can pick similar stocks with greater potential of bringing you 100% or more returns in the future…before any other investors spot these opportunities.

I’ve gained better confidence in the selection of stocks.” – Mike Chew, General Manager at local security firm

I really gained useful knowledge that can really push me to dive into the world of investing.” – Matthias Tjong, Executive

The strategies taught are very useful for someone like me who has no prior knowledge in investing. The trainers, Alvin and Louis have extensive knowledge. I find the real examples provided very useful too.” – Chee Heng, Software Engineer


Alvin Chow  

CEO and Founder of Dr Wealth  

Author of Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus and The Singapore Permanent Portfolio.  

He was interviewed on ChannelNewsAsia for his perspective on trading and KISS92 FM on his investing experience. Articles written by him were featured on prominent sites such as Yahoo Finance, Shares Investment, Young NTUC etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course for me?

The Factor-Based Investing Course is specifically designed for:  

  • Frustrated investors who can't seem to figure out how others can make money and grow their wealth in any market
  • Determined investors who are willing to put in effort (at least 1 hour / week) to pick stocks and take profit
  • Active investors who want their effort to pay off and beat the market so that their wealth grows exponentially

P.S. if you are a passive investor and want to remain so, this is NOT for you. 

In long term investing, rewards are often strongly corelated to the amount of time and effort put in.

What, specifically, will I have when I finish this class that I don't have today?

You will learn a revolutionary investing blueprint that will allow you to sieve out stocks that are inclined to bring 100% returns or more.

Is this a get-rich quick scheme?


The Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course is for reasonable and smart investors who know that they will have to put in effort and time to grow their portfolio. P.S. if you are looking to get rich quick, Dr Wealth can't help you because we haven't figure out how to either.

What if I don't have any experience in investing? Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. In fact, new investors tend to do better because they do not have pre-conceived biases that hold them back. Factor-based investing allows small investors like us to exploit certain key characteristics of stocks that are more likely to deliver 100% or more returns. The best part? All these can be done using financial figures reported by the companies, and without any insider news nor secrets!

Why should I book a seat in this training now as opposed to waiting until later?

The Factor-Based Investing Introductory course is only held periodically due to the tight schedule of our trainers. The next course could only be held next month, or even 3 months later.  

Most importantly, why would you want to wait?  

Understanding how to pick a stock is the first step to investing as a DIY investor. If you are serious about investing to grow your wealth, you would definitely want to join us, learn and implement ASAP.

Is this like Value Investing?

You probably stumbled onto this page after looking for our popular (and highly undervalued) Value Investing Mastery Course (VIMC). Well, the Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course is the upgraded version of the previous VIMC. Why? Instead of only focusing on Value, we target 2 other characteristics that have been proven to be found in profitable stocks. This means that you will now be able to build a more diversified portfolio that is more durable against market movements.

Is this like Dividend Investing?

You probably stumbled onto this page after looking for our highly recommended Dividend Investing Mastery Course (DIMC). This is better. Instead of only focusing on Dividend Stocks, we now tap into a complete investing methodology that allows us to find stocks which deliver 100% or more returns...along with dividends! Why not get more returns just by putting in a little more effort?​ By the way, this also means that you will now be able to build a more diversified portfolio that is more durable against market movements.