Economists reveal how small investors around the world are reaping big returns

Economists reveal how small investors around the world are reaping big returns.

We have ‘borrowed’ their findings and made it work for us:

Jul 2017 update

And…there’s so much more investing opportunities out there. 

We can’t invest in them all. So we’d like to share how you can do this too. 

Ok, here's the truth...

Hi, I'm Alvin. Founder and Trainer at Dr Wealth, previously known as BigFatPurse. Over the past 3 years, we have been silently running our value for money, information packed Value Investing Mastery Course where we have equipped 2,754 + graduates with a step by step, fully functional strategy to picking undervalued stocks that Benjamin Graham would approve of. But...

Investing wasn't so easy for me previously. 

I had tested various investing strategies and vehicles before I decided to throw away everything the gurus told me and follow the proven and published results from the economists. 

Like most people, I was never taught about investing or personal finance in school. 

But I had heard about Warren Buffett and believed that it was possible to grow my money through investing. 

Like many people, I decided to learn about investing later in life. When I received my first paycheck. 

And, like many people, I began on a wild goose chase

Attending courses, listening to the 'gurus', following their methodology....but never was able to really produce consistent results. 

If you had been attending course after course, workshops after workshops and are still lost and helpless when it comes to investing. 

It's really not your fault.

The investing education industry has been played out by heavy marketing tactics. Only the 'gurus' who are sales oriented survive in the competitive space.

Even when we first launched our low cost, high value course initially, they didn't think we'd survive for so long.

Thanks to our graduates who took our strategy, started making consistent profits and shared the word amongst their friends, we began to grow. 

As we grow, we realised that the investing education world has overused the term 'Value Investing'. 

Suddenly everyone was selling the promise of being able to invest like 'Warren Buffett'. 

And that's wrong. It's almost blasphemy.

Warren Buffett manages billions of dollars. BILLIONS. 

An average investor only manages thousands. Or even a million. 

And regardless of what the 'gurus' say; managing, investing and growing billions of dollars is VERY DIFFERENT from investing and growing thousands of dollars.


The strategies of Warren Buffett just doesnt work for the average investor. 

There. Myth busted. 


Yes, you should be. 

After all, almost all the 'gurus' are still trying to get people to invest like Warren Buffett. 

What's really working today for small investors

The greatest minds in Economics have been studying the successful investors for years. 

50 over years actually. Almost half a century. 

Instead of trying to follow and replicate the results of these investors, the economists flipped the entire research process around and tore it down into its fundamental bits. 

They took all the successful stocks over half a century (and beyond) and like hardworking ants with 'OCD', scutinise every stock and categorised them. 

How did they categorised the stocks?

Well, that's the biggest piece of the puzzle that took up 50 years of their time to crack.

They knew that these stocks were successful. They had beat the market. And often times, they had outperformed the market and left the rest of the unsuccessful stocks in the dust. 

And from the get-go, the economists could identify many common characteristics amongst these successful stocks. 

But were these characteristics responsible for the beautiful report cards and outperformance of these stocks?

They set foot to uncover the truth. 

After 50 years of back-breaking, mind-numbing data churning. They tore down many characteristics, disqualified the majority of them and...

were left with just 5 stock investing success factors. These 5 factors withstood all the economists' tests, across markets, across industries, across time.

They have been published in the renowned Journal of Finance.

And have been knighted as 'Factors'.

So what is Factor-Based Investing?

With the determination of the Factors, retail investorss can now generate excess return just by picking stocks with precise factor exposures in stocks such as size, value or momentum. 

And these are the same factors that gave us the returns you saw in the chart above. 

Factor-Based Investing is gaining popularity around the world. Even fund managers have started exploiting them. 

We're the first to have tested and defined exact step-by-step formulas to detecting stocks that contain the Factors in the Singapore and Asian market. 

And we want to share it with you.

Just like how we had started out sharing a functional strategy through our original coures. 

You could become one of the first few investors in Singapore to exploit these precise factor exposures. Capture the first mover advantage, secure excess returns like the pros, before the rest of the market catches on.


  • What are the 5 Factors, why and how they work to bring you consistent profits that beat the market. 
  • How you can really make consistent profits, just by targeting the 5 proven factors in stocks. 
  • 3 secrets to Factor-Based Investing, and how small investors like us can reap pro-level profits
  • 8 myths that hold small investors back and prevent them from reaping the investing returns they deserve.
  • and much more

P.S. Bring a notepad for you'll be learning about a revolutionary way for retail investors like you to claim returns like the investing pros.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What, specifically, will I have when I finish this class that I don't have today? You will learn a revolutionary investing blueprint that will allow you to sieve out stocks that are inclined to perform better than their peers. 

Q: What if I don't have any experience in investing? Will this still work for me? Absolutely. Factor-based investing allows small investors like us to exploit certain key characteristics of stocks that outperform. All these can be done using financial figures reported by the companies, and without any insider news nor secrets. 

Q: Does this work in all markets or does it only work in Singapore, or only in the US market? Yes it does. One of the criteria that the academics used is 'pervasiveness'. The market success factor of a stock has to work across countries, regions and sectors before it is recognised.  

Our portfolio consist of stocks across Asia as well as ETFs listed in US.

Q: "This sounds complicated and difficult to execute..." As with the process of starting with something new, you will need to put in the effort if you want to reap the returns.  

The good news is...with Factor-Based Investing, you do not need to stare at stock charts all day, everyday. All you need to to do is to analyse your desired stock once a year and make the appropriate trade when its price reaches your profit target.

Q: Why should I book a seat in this training today as opposed to waiting until later? The Factor-Based Investing Introductory course is only held periodically due to the tight schedule of our trainers. The next course could only be held next month, or even 3 months later. 

Most importantly, why would you want to wait? 

Understanding how to pick a stock is the first step to investing as a DIY investor. If you are serious about investing to grow your wealth, you would definitely want to join us, learn and implement asap.

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