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The only 2 days Comprehenive Cryptocurrency Course in Singapore


“Chris gave me the confidence to pursue the Altcoins. I purchased Ether at USD90 and it soared up to USD 400 within a month! That was a ROI of more than 300% within a month!”



“Chris simplifies the complex world of Cryptocurrency. I was able to invest and profit from BitCoin, Ethereum, and some of the AltCoins quickly and simply!”



“I was a skeptic about cryptocurrencies at first until Chris explained it. Eventually, I started investing in BTC and Ethereum. Cryptos are the future!”


[Cryptocurrency] How Investors Can Take Advantage of The Next Breakthrough:

The Bitcoin Story

Bitcoin has been silently disrupting the finance world since 2014. Its underlying technology has provided an alternative solution to cybersecurity and finance transactions. 

During its infancy, many doubted its potential. Except the insiders, most people felt left out and didn't understand how it could change the current financial industry. Plus, the big institutions did their best to resist the change as well. 

But great technology cannot be silenced for long. In the recent months, the public took a second glance at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This time, they got it. Merchants started to cut off the middle man and started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Consumers understood that they could save money by reducing on their transaction fees. 

Investors started seeing the potential of cryptocurrencies.

What's Happening Now?

"Is it still a viable investment?" - is a common question we get. And it is a smart, and valid question. 

We see great potential for Cryptocurrency in the upcoming years. 

It has just left its crib and has already made millionaires out of millenials around the world:

As merchants and businesses start adopting it into their business processes, we will see an increased demand for it. It's up to investors to decide if we want to take part in its growth as an investor, and grow our wealth along the way. Or, just ignore it. There is not right answer. 

But, we believe that there are opportunities to be taken up in the cryptocurrency field.

But, its not going to be a walk in the park

We'll be brutally honest. As with any investment, there will be risks.

And people who are not in the know tend to fall for scams:

As an investor, it is YOUR responsibility to reduce your risk potential and maximise your potential gains. And that is what Chris has been doing with his students. 

As a fellow cryptocurrency investor, he has skin in the game. He has been through the ups and the downs, and he has recognised the pitfalls that aspiring cryptocurrency investors tend to get trapped in. 

After helping his friend and family, he realised that most investors could lose less and gain more, if only they knew the things he saw. Hence, he started the:

CryptoKnight Cryptocurrency Course

 A 2 Days Cryptocurrency Course in Singapore that gives aspiring Cryptocurrency investors the fundametals to profitable cryptocurrency investing, and the technical guidance to kickstart your investing journey.

As a CryptoKnight, you'll be able to: 

Invest and Profit from BITCOIN

  • Understand if there is an opportunity in BITCOIN investing 
  • Be able to detect opportunities in BITCOIN

Exploit and Profit from ICOs

  • Identify exciting startups through Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) 
  • Invest for 1000%+ potential returns that were previously not open to small investors 
  • Discover pitfalls that you should avoid if you are investing in ICOs

Invest and Profit from ALTCOINS

  • Analyse and Identify potential profitable ALTCOINS
  • Exploit up and coming ALTCOINS for greater returns and grow your wealth 
  • Find out what makes an ALTCOIN successful

Own a sustainable Passive Income

  • Discover how Cryptocurrency can allow investors to own a passive income stream 
  • Learn how you can safely own a sustainable income stream that brings consistent income, month after month

AND! Get Hands-on Guidance

  • Hands-on guidance to setting up the right accounts from trustworthy brokers 
  • Step by step processs to investing in your first cryptocurrency 
  • Start investing right, during the class

Plus, Bonuses that will ensure your success as a graduate:

Gain Access to A Network of Like-Minded Cryptocurrency Investors

Upon graduation, you will be dubbed and inoculated into the Ranks of the CryptoKnights where you'll:

  • Gain access to experienced knights and their sharings
  • Be able to join in discussion about cryptocurrencies
  • Gain a support group which will help you out whenever you need help
  • Be able to detect up and coming trends in Cryptocurrency Investing

Direct Access to Your Trainer

Through the CryptoKnight SG group, you'll

  • Get direct access to Chris, even after you have graduated
  • Get latest updates from Chris, especially when there are key events to note
  • Stay ahead of the Cryptocurrency movements with Chris and the rest of the CryptoKnight community

Exploit the growth in Cryptocurrency Now:

CryptoKnight Cryptocurrency Course

3 - 4 March 2018 9am to 5pm Venue TBC

Who is Chris Long?

Chris Long

Cryptocurrency Analyst and Founder of CryptoTrader.Sg 

  • ~15% return for personal equity portfolio and much more for cryptocurrency investments 
  • Former DCM banker for Multinational and Regional banks 
  • MSc Applied Finance from the Singapore Management University
  • Sole recipient of the 2015 Columbia Threadneedle Investment Award. 
  • He has been working in the banking industry as an investment banker before starting 

Chris has a knack for simplifying the complex, identifying trends and helping people obtain investment insights. 

Always seeking passive income, he has achieved reasonable success investing in equity (~15% per annum), but his foray into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies has reaped returns that are much higher. 

Chris understands the uncertainty that cryptocurrency investing brings and aims to share his knowledge with aspiring investors to help them invest with clarity, and for profits. 

He established to provide affordable and reliable education to Cryptocurrency Investors from all walks of life. 

The Biggest Takeaways from Previous Students:

“I knew cryptocurrency was a BIG thing, so I wanted to learn more. I invested in Bitcoin during the course, and have already made 10% from it!

Chris managed to break down the concepts into step-by-step processes that I could easily follow to make that 10%.”


“I joined this course to fast track my learning. I've benefited from the knowledge on crypocurrency from a trainer who has gone down the road and has the experience.”


Exploit the growth in Cryptocurrency Now

CryptoKnight Cryptocurrency Course

3 - 4 Mar 2018 9am to 5pm Venue: TBC