Featured Image - Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get. So start saving early for an emergency fund to tide you through rainy days.

Featured Image - Investing for retirement just got easier, thanks to new initiatives introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Investing for Retirement Just Got Easier

MAS has opened up more investment options to Singaporeans, including guaranteed savings bonds and enhanced access to ETFs and corporate bonds.

Aerial View with People and Text Budget

5 Ayes for Budget 2015

All in favour of Budget 2015, say “aye”. Let’s take a look at how you stand to benefit from the new schemes and initiatives introduced.

Shocked about the new CPF changes. Don't be.

How Will the 2015 Budget Affect Your CPF?

The 2015 Budget opened the floodgates to much online debate over ‘losing’ additional income to our CPF. But is it really an issue? We do the math for you.

The CPF changes will affect your nest egg

How Will the Proposed CPF Changes Affect You?

The CPF Advisory Panel has proposed a couple of changes prior to Budget 2015. We explore what these CPF changes mean for you.

Retirement in Singapore

Are You Ready for Retirement?

Singaporeans need at least a S$900,000 to retire happily. Most of them are nowhere close to a great retirement. Yet, all it takes is three simple steps.