Featured Image - How to Protect Your Rights When Buying Insurance

How to Protect Your Rights When Buying Insurance

Finding it a nightmare trying to get your insurer to pay up? Here's what you should do to protect your rights when buying insurance and making claims.

Featured Image - compareFIRST before Buying Life Insurance

compareFIRST… before Buying Life Insurance

Launched this week, the compareFIRST portal allows comparison of about 200 life insurance products, including the new suite of Direct Purchase Insurance.

Featured Image - Pick the right travel insurance plan

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

Planning a trip to Europe, USA, or other parts of Asia? We’ve done the legwork to suss out the best travel insurance plans for you.

A financial planner confesses

Confessions of a Financial Planner

Being a financial planner isn’t easy. Yet, it’s an important part of financial planning. Financial planner Ang Zhi Wei spills the beans about his job.

There are insurance policies you don't need in your life

3 Insurance Policies You Need & 2 You Really Don’t

Buying insurance policies is tricky. There are those you need and those that you should avoid like the plague. A financial planner spills the beans.

ILPs are generally good products

“ILPs Can Be a Good Instrument!” Mitch Ong

ILPs, or investment-linked plans, have been getting a lot of brickbats from all quarters. We grill Mitch Ong about ILPs and rogue financial planners.