[Book Review] The Systematic Trader by Collin Seow

Alex Yeo
Alex Yeo

We interviewed Collin Seow back in 2012 (read it here) and he was featured together with other traders in the book – “Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders”

3 years later, Collin finally launches his new book – “The Systematic Trader – How I Turned A $250,000 Debt Into Profits Through Stock Trading”

I had the pleasure to meet up with Collin a few weeks ago and had coffee with him. He is one of the top remisiers in Phillip Securities and has accumulated more than 20 years of trading experience. Given his tight schedule, he still dropped by our office and passed his book to me personally. Indeed a nice gesture from him.

This whole book essentially condenses his whole trading knowledge and experience. The book is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Collin’s life story and trading mindset
  2. Proprietary trading strategies
  3. Trading psychology

I believe most people would dive straight into section 2 , which is his proprietary trading strategies section. That’s because it’s the sexiest topic and readers will be keen to know what are his exact strategies that allow him to extract money from the market and to pay off his debt.

However, after reading the entire book, I actually enjoyed the first section of the book most, where he talked about about his personal journey and his mindset on how he approaches trading.

For example, I like how he mentions being a stewardship or ownership of your money. This is the  first time I came across such mindset and it has caused a shift in my thinking towards money.

Next, the 2nd section, is the “meat” of his book – his proprietary trading strategies. He uses his TraderGPS system which he invented to trade stocks. It’s a trend following system and supposedly to help you ride on the trend as long as possible and gives a signal for you to buy or  sell.

For shorter term strategies, he used his NR7, NR4 and ID strategies. You will have to grab his book to understand the strategies and concepts in details although I felt this section is not really suitable for absolute beginners, as it can get quite technical.

Personally, I am also a trader myself and is comfortable with my own strategies (profitable as well). Hence, looking for the next “trading strategy” is not my main focus.

But not to worry. If you get a copy of the book, you get to attend his Phillip Trading Bootcamp for free. From there, he will share more on his own ninja trading techniques taught in the book.

The last section talks about trading psychology. It’s the most important aspect in trading in my opinion. Collin shares some of the practical things you can do to improve your trading psychology, such as understanding precession effect, stewardship mentality, human nature etc. You also have to find out your personality, whether you belong to the investors, gamblers, hobbyists or scalpers category.

In short, Collin knows his stuff and this book encapculates his total knowledge about trading and investment. His book is now ready for pre-order. You can order online and collect your book at his book launch on 10th Jul 2015 at MND Auditorium at 7pm. If you are unable to attend, he will ship the book to your mailbox.

On top of that, he has some bonuses for you if you order the book now:

  • Attend Phillip Trading Bootcamp worth $68 for free (mentioned earlier)
  • Trial of TraderGPS worth $78

The two bonuses are worth more than the cost of the book itself in my opinion!

Head over to this page to get a copy of his book now.

Alex Yeo
Alex Yeo
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