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Why Most Investors Will Lose Money

Many 'investors' focus on the wrong things - fast, huge returns and ignore the dangers they put themselves into - leverage and risks.

Many 'investors' also often find themselves jumping from 1 investing strategy to another, never giving their investments time to reap the profitable returns.

So here's the truth - and take it from us. Alvin had lost an entire 6 figures account, learn from our experience so that you don't have to go through the pain, fear, frustration and hopelessness we had to go overcome.

Profitable and Successful Investing Takes Effort and Time.

All profitable investors will have to put in EFFORT to find stocks that provide the ideal potential profit margin.

Most profitable investments will need TIME to reach its maturity in order for you to reap your profits. 

How to Win Half The Battle...Before You Even Start 

Everyone knows that in order to profit from the stock markets, one would need to invest in the right stocks.

Dr Wealth has a team of analysts whose sole job is to analyse all the stocks in the stock market in order to pick out profitable stocks. Our aim is to achieve 100% (or more) return on the stocks we invest in.

Our analysts compile their findings into a proprietary stock screener that is being used by the core Dr Wealth team for our personal investments. 

As our analysts continue their in-depth research, they unearth more and more profitable Factor stocks. Soon, we realised that we are not able to invest in all these undervalued opportunities we have in front of us. 

Hence, we are duplicating the keys to our vault of Factor stocks knowledge and would like to invite you to join Dr Wealth Insiders to own one of these keys for yourself.

With this key, you can now tap into the research done by our analysts powerhouse and start your investing journey with half the battle won.

100% or more returns?!


As DIY investors, you manage your own investments because yu secretly hold the confidence that you have a better chance of beating the market, or even the fund manager's returns. (otherwise, you would just park your money in the STI ETF or a Unit Trust/Mutual Fund, right?)

You have put in the effort to unearth stocks with a higher potential of being profitable. You made the effort to invest your hard-earned money.  

Why should you settle for less?

But! The issue that most 'DIY investors' face is that they are rarely consistent in their profits. 

Hence, many end up jumping around different investing strategies or find themselves in a vicious downward spiral of losses that no longer justify investing.

You took action and committed to expanding your investing knowledge.

You are different. 

You should be one of Dr Wealth's Insiders.

Dr Wealth Insiders (DWI) In A Nutshell:

Proprietary CNAV Stock Screener

Proprietary Factor Stocks Screeners

CNAV Stock Data & Qualitative Analysis

CNAV & GPAD Stock Data & Qualitative Analysis 


Dr Wealth Portfolio Reveal 

Bi-monthly Coaching Videos

Bi-monthly Coaching Videos 

Bi-monthly CNAV Reports

Bi-monthly CNAV or GPAD Reports 

Exclusive Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Group for the hottest updates and stock discussions

Join Dr Wealth Insiders (DWI) and Build Your Profitable Investment Account Now!

CNAVpro Database 

2 year subscription, $365/yr thereafter 

CNAVpro Database 

2 year subscription, $365/yr thereafter 

Portfolio Accelerator Course (PAC)

(1-day course to kick start your investing, 9am - 5pm) 

Portfolio Accelerator Course (PAC)

(1-day course to kick start your investing, 9am - 5pm) 

DWI Membersite 

Lifetime access

DWI Membersite 

Lifetime access

DWI Coaching Sessions 

Lifetime access

LIVE & Video Access 

DWI Coaching Sessions 

Lifetime access

LIVE & Video Access 

One-time Payment

18-months Installment

S$ 2388

S$ 133 / M

What you can achieve with us

"The strategy worked for the past 2 years even when the overall Singapore market didn't perform well!" 

Yiming, Engineer

"Since joining DWI in 2015, I have seen my investment performance improve tremendously. I would recommend Dr Wealth to anyone who wants to learn a disciplined and consistent approach to investing." 

Sophia Lee

"My investment results on small counters have improved alot after learning from DWI. Thank you! "

Chei Guan, Remisier

"When I first joined DWI, I had not much financial knowledge and DWI provided a great financial education for me. I would recommend DWI to fresh graduates as well as those who need to learn about finance but do not know where to start." 

Chi Woon, Electrical Engineer

What exactly is inside Dr Wealth Insiders (DWI)?

Dr Wealth Proprietary Stocks Database 

Exclusive database maintained by Dr Wealth's in house analysts. All the calculations and analysis are done for you. Save hours of work and get a list of CNAV and GPAD stocks within a couple of clicks.


Dr Wealth's Full Portfolio Disclosure

Our portfolio performance, ALL the stocks we are vested in currently, which strategy we used to decide on these stocks, and more. 

All transactions are transparent. Useful notes on closed positions are included to explain why we decided to sell a stock. 

Lessons on portfolio management are learnt in the real market with real money. Here, you can tap directly into our experience

coaching session 2017

DWI Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions

On top of a portfolio review, these go beyond just value investing because we believe that investors should be all-rounded

Some of the topics that were covered previously include: 

  • Case Study: Undervalued High Fashion Retailer With Dividends 
  • How One Member Profited $10,000 On A Boring Undervalued Local Stock 
  • What You Ought To Know About Delisting (2 Ways To Delist From SGX) 
  • Overview of Hong Kong CNAV stocks 
  • One Homegrown Stock Where Dividend Marries Growth 


Portfolio Accelerator Course (PAC)

Instead of leaving you to figure things out on your own, DWI helps you jumpstart your investing. At the PAC, you get the latest market movement and key stock picks that meet our criteria at the moment, so that you can take action and start investing in stocks that bring 100% or more returns, immediately.


Dr Wealth's Watchlist

AKA Target stocks we want to invest in. 

Join us before we invest in the next potential winning stock, or use this as a starting point to do your stock research.

**None of the stocks named inside are recommendations nor financial advice. Be sure to do your own due diligence.**


Monthly Stock Reports

Published to help DWI members stay abreast of market movements. These could be summaries of current stocks that we are interested in, updates on different industries or even a Dr Wealth portfolio update. 

Only key, useful information provided here so that you can save time while remaining ahead of the market.

Bi-Monthly Portfolio Review and Update

Published quarterly to update and explain some of our investing actions. This also give you an heads up on stocks, markets or trends that we are focusing on currently. Plus, our thoughts on what's ahead.

We aim to provide a continual, real-life education on portfolio management and capital allocation through these reviews.



Select your preferred payment option above. 

Most members chose to pay the entire membership fee upfront to save the hassle of tracking their installments.


Receive a Welcome Kit Email once you made payment. 

We will grant you Access to the Database and Membersite subsequently (usually within 24 hours). And look out for the details of the upcoming CNAV Portfolio Course.


Start moving towards your investment goals by discovering undervalued stocks in the proprietary CNAV stock screener and start investing with confidence!

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