"Who Else Want To Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple Their Money With A 8-figure Day Trader: Robin Ho?"

Introducing: 8-Figure Trading Blueprint

Hey, I’m Robin Ho, I'm a 8-figure day trader. I have over 25 years of trading experience and I am a 5 times award-winning trading representative from Phillips Capital.

I'm also the FIRST trader who did LIVE trading on SGX seminar room with over hundreds of professionals watching me trade.

My work has been featured on SGX, Societe Generale, The Business Times, The New Paper, Zao Bao and Wo Bao, and through the years, I’ve helped hundreds of students succeed in their trading journey.

Imagine making a full-time profit from the stock market at the comfort of your own home - from a laptop.

Imagine making 100% returns from a small capital account such as $1000 dollars.

I’ve also developed a proprietary trading system that is based on price action, a strategy that is the answer to volatile markets today. I’ve also been appointed as an SGX accredited trainer since 2012.

I am also featured by Societe Generale in their weekly Hang Seng Market Outlook webcast, a multi-billion dollar financial services company, where I share my views and strategies.

During the global financial crisis of 2008, while people lost their entire life savings, I turned $100k into $2 million dollars over 15 months, correctly predicting the market peak in 2007.

These are my credentials. I'm not showing off. I'm just letting you know I know what I’m talking so I know what works and what doesn’t in trading. I believe this is also why you are here for: to get RESULTS (aka make money) from trading.

Can Trading Really Work for You? Can Trading Really Help You Fire Your Boss and Trade for a Living?

Like most of you, I started off with a career. Mine was just a little bit more special. I worked for the Singapore Navy.

I signed up for a full time for a promising career as I was expecting it to be:

However, unlike movies, the reality is always different. I ended up going out to sea, being stuck in submarines up to months at a time. It was tiring. Frustrating. And I was getting sick of not having a life. Wondering if I would ever be able to taste freedom.

I'm the guy wearing white uniform in the middle.

I figured that I needed an exit plan. So I used all the free time in the navy and chanced across trading.

I studied the top traders in history, one of them being Jesse Livermore. In his prime, he was worth billions of dollars. I took their methods and started trading.

In the first year of trading, I made $300,000. Can you imagine what that money meant in the 80s? I was making more than my superiors in the navy. $300,000 in the 80s will be able to buy you a condominium in Orchard!

However, instead of retiring from the navy and investing in a property in Orchard. I wanted to be… Jesse Livermore.

I took up more risk than I should, and I lost it all. Not only I wasn’t able to leave my job, now I had debtors to pay.

I had 2 choices, go bankrupt, or, trade my way back up into profits. This time I used the exact step-by-step trade plan that I'm teaching in the 8-Figure Trading Blueprint to go from bankruptcy to tripling my net worth:

Now, you probably heard that all trading is scam or it's the same as gambling. I’m here to tell you that is not. This is one of my official trade ledgers:

Through the years, after going through thousands of trades and coming across hundreds of traders.

I can point out the ONE BIGGEST mistakes that beginners to pro traders make:

Biggest Mistake: Treating Trading like It’s Gambling

Some may say trading is appealing to gamblers as they seldom resist the urge to place a bet, hoping that lady luck shines on them. The market doesn’t show any mercy to these gamblers, making them only 95% of the group.

Here’s the truth why 95% of traders do not make money:

However, the reason why this 95% of people fail is that they don’t have a trading plan.

They are gambling, not trading. Which makes them gamblers. Not traders. In other words, they’re no different from the people going to buy 4D or Toto. Worse. Their losses can be magnified.

Gamblers tend to want to take revenge on the market when they lose money and that is when they start to over trade. They hope that by trading more and bigger amount they can help them recoup their losses.

Obviously, that just means losing more money. 

You have probably also heard this from other ‘traders’: ‘stay away from the markets if you do not have extra money to kill.’

I’m here to tell you that I have mentored beginner traders that don’t have much capital or ‘extra money to kill’. It’s not how much you have in your bank, it’s your ability to manage risk and your ability to stick to your trade plan.

Today, I am a full-time day trader. I do not have any boss. I do not report to anyone. I go to my office during trading hours and trade. And if I’m not feeling like it, I can choose not to show up to work at all. 

Hundreds of Successful Graduates

Over the years, I also taught and mentored thousands of professional traders. One of my most astute clients is the ex-president of Society of Remisiers:

‘Dear Robin,

thank you for your enlightening and stimulating presentations during the advanced technical trader training program. The topic was timely, and the live minute by minute sessions that you had demonstrated was so engaging. It was a memorable experience. I found your practical and proven trading technique especially intriguing. I personally feel more confident working with the new method in trading trends now than I did before your presentation. Your post training calls on price action levels and comments that you continued to give after the completion of the course were very helpful and reinforced our understanding of what we have learnt. I believe all participants will look forward to receiving your valuable comments in our pursuit to become successful securities traders.’

- Albert Fong, Ex-President of Society of Remisiers, OCBC Securities

‘During the course, especially during the Live Trading, I’ve made use of this opportunity to cover back the course free by at least twenty times

- Dennis Cheng

Here's another one: 

‘Dear Robin, I’ve attended your course between the date as stated in the email title. I’m a greenhorn in the trading industry and have just started the path very recently. However, I’ve been attending a lot of free seminars to gather as much information on trading as I could. You are the only one I knew it’s worthy to pay for continuity into your paid courses. Indeed, you did not disappoint me after all. After attending your course, you have provided me with great insight and experiences as a trader. This has tremendously shortened my curve a lot for me… I would have paid more trying to learn from the market.

What I love about your course is that you do not teach us textbook stuff instead, you relate real-life experience and practical teaching to your students. You also provided a lot of examples to use and using real-life context to relate the teaching. That alone is invaluable and I hope you maintain it. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have attended your course in my path towards trading.’

- Shanwen

Now that I’ve impressed upon you that using my 8-Figure Trading Blueprint has helped multiple students and clients to be profitable traders… I’ll like to tell you that is also ISN’T for anybody. This is also to save my course spots only for the right students. 

The 8-Figure Trading Blueprint Course Is Not for You if:

  • Expect profitable trading to be totally effortless 
  • You expect to become an overnight millionaire 

The 8 Figure Trading Blueprint Course Is for You if:

  • You have the right discipline to follow a step-by-step system 
  • If you’re willing to make a minimal effort to be a profitable trader
  • You want a way out of the rat race and you’re willing to learn

My 8-Figure Trading Blueprint VS. "Trading Gurus"

So let me ask you, of all the ‘trading gurus’ and workshops out there. Would you rather be mentored by someone that walks the talk or sells trading courses who teach for a living?

Or, someone who TRADES for a living.

I’ve made my millions. I continue to trade it because I enjoy it. 

Again, let me ask you: “would you rather be mentored a fly by night 'trading guru’ that doesn’t have any real audited track records, or would you rather mentored by a trainer that has audited brokerage track records and was engaged by reputable brands such as DBS, OCBC and RHB?”

You know the answer....

Here's The Deals:

Imagine firing your boss, living on your own terms and making money from the comfort of your home through a brokerage account on your laptop. Imagine what your life will look like 3 months, 6 months, 1  year down the road?

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As always, the choice is yours.

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